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Eternals is a movie that pushes the boundaries of filmmaking and paves the way for several more Marvel movies of its type. While it may not do it perfectly, it creates a compelling narrative that may leave the normal moviegoer somewhat confused. If you have to search for information about a movie after watching it, it is not always considered a good sign but with the seamless blending of reality and CGI that Marvel is famous for.

The film opens with a text crawl, similar to those used in Star Wars films. We see the Eternals' ship hurtling past the sun, towards Earth, and with a mission. They have been tasked with immigrating from their home planet of Olympia to protect the earthlings from the apex predators known only as the Deviants. These vine-like monsters take on monstrous forms of animals humans are familiar with, such as birds, bulls, and even dinosaurs, all in order to hunt humans. However, when we see a Deviant come off of a shoreline in ancient Mesopotamia, the Eternals quickly come to the aid of the prehistoric humans.

We see the powers of Ikaris, who can fly and shoot lasers out of his eyes. The abilities of Thena, an Eternal that can create weapons and shields to protect her and others. Makkari, a deaf speedster that can feel vibrations. She can recognize words with this ability, but not emotion and must use sign language to communicate most of the time. Following is Kingo, an Eternal that can shoot energy blasts with his hands. 

Gilgamesh has super strength by way of his armor that he can forge out of cosmic power to unleash devastating blows. Ajak is the Prime Eternal, who wields the power to heal herself and others. Sersi can change the matter of anything she touches. Sprite can create powerfully realistic illusions. Druig can control minds. Phastos uses the power cosmic to create things to help him in battle or to help humanity advance. 

After defeating the Deviants on the beach, they promptly leave until they are needed again to fight more Deviants. What did they find? Well, you’ll have to catch the rest of the movie in theaters for now!

The Eternals was a great break from the regular Marvel template, however, it ultimately was not a great movie. Even so, I loved every character. Sprite, while being pint-sized, has a complex emotions and secrets that she is burdened with. Makkari’s disability is handled greatly, and she is treated as a normal human being. 

Ikaris is a great and funny guy. Phastos paves the way for LGBTQ+ representation in Marvel and in movies. Ajak is a great leader. Druig is great at showing why the Eternals aren’t perfect, although he is one himself. 

Being tasked with not interfering in human affairs, while being able to stop all wars, left a heavy toll on them. Thena shows some interesting foreshadowing while expanding on her character. Kingo may be goofy but he steps up when needed.

Sersi was one character I wasn’t that big a fan of, while she does find herself and her power in the movie, she does it in a cliche and unsatisfying way. I feel the way she was written could have been much better and satisfying. 

I would rate this movie a 5/10 because while it’s not a great story, it sets up many cool sequels and characters while paving a great road for people with disabilities and people from the LGBTQ+ community to enter the MCU. With stunning visuals and a great cast, but burdened by a mediocre story and villains, this movie not being up there with the greats has certainly made its place in the MCU.

The movie was packed with stunning visuals and such loveable characters. My favorite by far in the movie was Gilgamesh. He was such a funny person and was a great husband character towards Theena to be able to calm her down and bring her back to her wits. His power was effective in fights with being able to create gauntlets that resembled the look of Thanos’ which was a nice touch in my opinion.

I recommend this movie to any Marvel fan who may be interested in these new series of movies that are coming out to deepen the Marvel cinematic universe. The Eternals are made to help aid planets that are set to birth a new celestial and create new life across the universe. 

It’s uniqueness of showing the different time periods like in Ancient Babylon or cutting to the Bollywood scene are things you don’t see a lot in Marvel movies. 

The storytelling can be a bit here, there, and everywhere, but as long as you pay attention, it makes for a great outcome. Prior comic knowledge may be required to understand somethings that happen, but with most Marvel films it is never necessary. This movie is great for action and romance lovers alike; because there is quite a lot of both.

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