Traditional Powderpuff Game Returns to Malden High School

Lulu Harding also contributed to this article.

This year, following the annual Pep Rally, Malden High School brought back the girl’s Powderpuff flag football game. The Powderpuff Game used to be held every year at Malden High School to give young women a chance to come together and have fun. 

The last time the game was held was back in 2017, and the girls expressed how thrilled they were for the tradition to be back. Senior Abby Tang explained that she was “so excited” because “[her] sister used to do it,” leading to her interest in participating. 

The girls who also took part in the game agreed, and Senior Molly Sewell stated that she wished Malden High would have “done it sooner” because the game was “super fun.” Sewell expressed that it was “super nice” to have the football team in attendance, as they cheered them on and helped to coach from the sidelines. 

Senior Varsity Football captain Gavin West assisted in coaching the blue team on the field and  thought it was “cool” that Malden High School decided to hold the powderpuff game. West was “glad” they had the girls “out here getting the opportunity to play,” and he also expressed that it was “fun to coach as well.” 

Gym Teacher and Class of 2022 advisor Dan Jurkowski was also coaching on the field, leading the white team every step of the way. Jurkowski stated that he thinks that “it’s awesome” that Malden High was holding a powderpuff game as the girls seemed to be “having a great time out here.”

At halftime, the white team led by Jurkowski was in the lead 14-0. “The game is going exactly how we planned,” Jurkowski stated. “We’re executing to perfection, we got two touchdown passes until the set, and the defense is on lockdown, so we’re doing well.” 

Senior Leslie Rodriguez also expressed her feelings during halftime. Despite her team losing at the time, she voiced that “it’s awesome that girls are getting the opportunity to play football and especially to do something on their own,” as well as having “the support of Malden High behind us.”

Class of 2022 activities coordinator, Senior Tivian Nguyen disagreed with the pushback, and stated that the game “gives girls a chance to actually play a sport that is considered a masculine sport,” and it shows that “a woman can do anything as much as a man can.” Sophomore Victoria Gammon similarly expressed that she thinks it's “good that females have a chance to play football and do other stuff that boys are doing because it shows girl power.”

Senior Sara Dzaferagic stated that "every girl that was out here had a great time, ... it was just a fun way to get involved." Dzaferagic thinks that Malden High should "continue to hold the Powderpuff Game every year" because “it's just a good chance to have some fun.” She states that the crowd “enjoyed it, the football boys were helping us out, and it just created a little community and something fun in high school, especially after COVID not being able to do events like this.”

Concluding with a score of 28-14, the white team came out on top. The girls really enjoyed participating in the game overall, and all had positive takeaways whether they won or lost. Senior Jessica Gavin said that “it went really well,” and she thinks it was “a good way to bring everyone together, and everyone got along really well.” 

Senior Alyson Kwong agreed that although her team lost, “it was pretty fun... it was such a good experience” and she’s “glad they brought Powderpuff back.”

All in all, the girls really enjoyed themselves, and are excited for this tradition to be continued for years to come.

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