As we get ready to begin the second semester of the year, the class of 2024 is starting their final journey in high school: the college application process.

On January 9th, there was an important information session about the Let’s Get Ready program for juniors that were interested in getting help with their college application next fall. The session was run in The College and Career Center in room B337 by councilors Karina Martinez and Michelle Sun.

Let's Get Ready (LGR) is a Virtual Access Program that is absolutely free, which removes any financial barrier to getting college access help. LGR not only provides college help through peer mentorship, goal setting, financial aid advising, among other things but also provides optional SAT exam prep to help juniors preparing to take their SATs soon. 

Students taking notes on speaker, Pamela Hasbun. DIVINA WEMBI

They are virtual to account for students’ busy schedules, hence giving students more flexibility and choice on when to meet. This program is a resource that juniors can definitely utilize and benefit from.

Sun leads the virtual events, while Martinez helps with the preparation. She reached out to the manager of the LGR's enrollment process, Pamela Hasbun. Sun took charge in spreading the word throughout the junior class through Google Classroom, Instagram posts, and creating the event on Naviance for students to register for. She also talked to guidance counselors to “ask them to inform their students as well in hopes more students would sign up and apply.”

The purpose of the information session was to “give insight to the Let’s Get Ready program and give them a chance to know what the program is all about before they apply.” This gave students the chance to learn about a program that can help them with applying to schools. Sun said that “This program is an amazing resource that juniors can definitely utilize and benefit from.”

“This program is an amazing resource that juniors can definitely utilize and benefit from.”

Michelle Sun

For the students who missed the virtual event and want to take part in the next one, there will be tons of opportunities within the second semester. There will be trips to see universities nearby like Suffolk University and Boston University. 

Starting on February 13th, there’s going to be a flex session for juniors. In March, there will be a Junior’s Day at the College and Career Center where students can register for SAT/ACT. This gives them the perfect opportunity to ask questions about applications. Students who visit during the Junior Day will be entered in a raffle of a college sweatshirt of their choice. 

As the junior class gets ready for their last race to the finish line, they have a lot to look forward to in preparation for next fall. 

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