Malden Mayor Addresses City through Urban Media Arts Video

This past week the Mayor of Malden, Gary Christenson, released a brand-new informative video on Youtube which covered pretty much everything going on in the city of Malden. Whether it be the education department, city hall updates, upcoming events, new construction plans, or any long-term projects, all points were included in this city address production. 

Some of the bigger subjects that were spoken of were the upcoming construction that will be taking part in the rapid development of the city. Projects such as the brand-new health facility will be built in the near future. With the assistance of Tufts medicine, approximately 6.7 acres of land will be set aside and become part of the property of the city of Malden in order to build this health facility that will specialize in behavioral health. As this up-and-coming facility continues to bring great excitement to many within the community, Christenson announces that due to the $1.3 million dollar earmark that was given to them, the construction is expected to begin in early 2024. 

As for the recreational department, lots of updates have been made to the recreational department compared to the prior year. In hopes of building on the interactions within the community, physical activities such as hiking, swimming, as well as art classes have been added. As part of growing the involvement within the community, widening the age range for these recreational programs was another accomplishment for the department. 

“New programs were also available for younger participants in Pre-K thereby allowing us to widen the age range we serve. For adults, we now offer Zumba, yoga, and Women’s soccer with the successful addition of body sculpting,” Christenson said.

As always, this was indeed a joint effort between the program as well as other employers from other programs such as the Mayor’s Youth Employment program who helped make this possible. 

Speaking of community building, the MTEC (Malden Teen Enrichment Center), celebrated its 10th anniversary. 

“Throughout the last decade, MTEC has provided a safe environment for all Malden teens to spend quality time with their friends, receive homework assistance, play games, take part in enriching activities, and engage in community services,” Christenson said.

MTEC has worked effortlessly hard in order to pass on these community- building skills to the youth so that they can eventually take these skills on for themselves as well as their community.

Through creative production, which included amusing mini skits that helped put the city of Malden on display, this production was an efficient source of information for all residents within the city who may have any concerns about the current state of the city as well as upcoming events and plans that will come along in the near future.

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