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Originally started in 2016 on Main St, the Gallery@57 is a popular business, but had to relocate to Pleasant Street in the middle of 2019 because a loss of ownership.

Now they hope to inspire the world with the art that they sell from local artists in Malden. They hope to have more uprise and share their love of art. Sandy Felder, marketing and volunteer director, said, “We want to really make sure our artists represent our community and have the diversity that is so beautiful in Malden reflected in this gallery. When people come in everybody sees something that speaks to them and speaks to their culture or their community, as well.”

The outside of the Gallery@57.

Lately, their business has not had as much acknowledgement that they hoped to receive,. “It’s not like a bustling, super mall at all. We are always trying to figure out ways to bring people into the shop to see the things that we offer them,” Felder stated. 

The Gallery consists of handmade, meaningful works of art and other miscellaneous items. They have paintings, jewelryjewlery, sculptures, and much more. The atmosphere of the shop is deeply calming and it is easy to enjoy the artwork because of how peaceful it is.

Different pieces of art made by local artists.

The idea of the Gallery first started when owner Lisa Sears wanted to bring local art to the community. Felder said, “I wish I could say I was the person who started it but it was an idea by a modern resident woman named Lisa Sears, who one day was talking to some local artist and said ‘wouldn't it be great if there was a place in Malden where we could show the art of our community?”

Felder is passionate when it comes to art and says that it is “the showing up or performance of bringing beauty to light,.” Even after losing the property where their original location was, the team still had a passion to share their love of art and continue to sell their creations.


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