Malden High School Girls’ Varsity Tennis Team Beats Medford 5-0

Beatriz Olivera also contributed to this article.

The team was led by captains Yuki Yang and Chloe Chen along with their coach, Cheryl Carnassa. After the varsity team competed, the junior varsity players played each other.

“This season has been very good. I think everyone’s personality matches well and we’re just really nice and friendly to everyone,” said Chen. The team stays competitive while also having fun at the same time; everyone on the team is supportive and gets along. “We are happy as a whole,” adds Yuki Yang.

Malden speaking with each other before the game begins.
The team huddles up after the game.

Olivia Yang’s motivation and goal is to remain on “varsity [as a] freshman for this whole year.” Olivia Yang finds that everyone needs to have a good aim and control to be successful in playing tennis. “They really need to control their force to hit the ball, like sometimes when you go a bit too heavy on the ball or too lightly, it will [have a change-of-direction].”

Captain Yuki Yang spiking the ball.

Yuki Yang has taken interest in tennis since freshman year and made it to the varsity team during her junior year. The girls’ varsity team enhances their skills by doing quick exercises and playing on the field with the boys. “The girls have been starting off practice with some running, jogging around the park and doing some shots, stretches, then we would do some tennis drills and partner training,” said Yuki Yang.

Chen wants everyone to have a positive mindset because “you won’t win every game, you just have to keep on going; you just need to be ready to play, ready to run, ready to hit.”

Juliana ready to smack the ball.

“I wasn’t participating in much extracurriculars. I was more in clubs and volunteering until I started playing tennis and I started being more social with other people,” said Olivia Yang. “It made me more outgoing and confident,” stated Chen. She also explained that it is important to “be nice and just uplifting to everyone.” 

Yuki Yang is taking numerous AP classes while playing tennis, which takes up most of her time. “There isn’t really much social time for me. So it’s kind of really difficult, but it’s worth it,” in Yuki Yang’s opinion. Yuki Yang wants to be a role model and someone who others can look up to, “someone they can depend on and always have some tips for them if they’re playing and facing difficulties.”

The players on the team are happy to have Coach Carnassa who is supportive and encouraging. “She’s really chill,” said Yuki Yang. “She’s very calm and inspirational, like she tells us the truth, really honest,” said Chen.

As a team, “there’s just more communication, more improvement, compared to just hitting by yourself,” said Yuki Yang. 

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