Guiding the Way: Student Ambassadors Club

With a new school year comes new students, and new students present an opportunity for the Student Ambassadors of Malden High to shine. But what exactly do the Student Ambassadors do?

As explained by the club, their primary focus is to have “upperclassmen students serve as representatives and mentors for new students so that they can receive support in transitioning to MHS.” Through this club, students transitioning from eighth grade into highschool can be given the assistance they need in this confusing period of time.

Not only are freshmen receiving the help they need, but also those who struggle with English speaking. Through their bilingual members, the ambassadors can provide ELLs with support in a variety of ways. For example, ambassadors can help ELLs with their academic work, such as translating assignments or explaining difficult concepts. 

Upperclassmen who are fluent in other languages or have a free period may want to consider joining the Student Ambassadors Club to help other students. As a Student Ambassador, you would be playing an important role in welcoming and supporting new students by helping them adjust to Malden High and the community within our school. In addition to assisting new students, Student Ambassadors also promote school spirit, pride, and leadership skills.

As explained by Vice President Lily Nguyen and Secretary Katie Liang, “Outside of giving tours, we’re also hoping that the club can be even further involved in assisting MHS students. This may include student-created resources and guides that help to showcase MHS and more opportunities for the Student Ambassadors to represent MHS to new students.”

If you’re interested in joining the Student Ambassadors Club, they meet every other Tuesday at 2:20 PM in J164. Their next meeting is on October 31st, where they’ll be voting for officers to join their existing team, Vice President Lily Nguyen and Secretary Katie Liang. Seniors who are passionate about Malden High and have a good understanding of the school community are encouraged to apply.

For any questions, contact their advisor, Ms. Yu at or the Students Ambassadors Club’s Instagram, @mhs.ambassadorsclub.

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