Rivers Edge Holds Final Outdoors Movie Night of the Year

After a roaring and eventful summer, the Malden Public Library and River’s Edge teamed up for the final movie night of the year, Elementals by Disney’s Pixar. The night began quiet, and as darkness settled in, ensuring the projector’s light would be viewable. With a free snack table set up and sponsored by River’s Edge, the movie pulled in people from all of Malden for the event. The movie began without issue and all the spectators settled in to watch this final cinema. 

Originally, the movie nights began in Malden Public Library, but due to the Maccario room overfilling, the scenic River’s Edge location offered more room, mixed with the crisp dusk air. Dora St. Martin, director of the Malden Public Library, commented on the night, stating how “nice it is to see everybody coming together from all over”

Dawn Zanazzo, in charge of the free snack table at the movie night ZACHARY NEDELL

Dawn Zanazzo, one of the organizers for the night, commented on the size of the viewing parties. “It can be between 75 and 150, with it leaning towards 150 most of the time.” Her favorite part is watching everyone have fun and coming together to watch a spectacular and blockbuster movie. In order to pick out popular movies, the organizers have to look for and ask what movies are popular. 

Even though the last outdoor movie is over for the year, there will be more viewing dates released when it starts getting warmer out!

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