Marquardo Celebrates Her 50th Year at Malden High School

Jeanne Marquardo posing for a photo behind her desk. ADAN EARLE.

It is evident that Malden High School has not only survived but thrived over the years. It should also come as no surprise that MHS’s staff members have played a huge role in this, including, Jeanne Marquardo. Marquardo works as the Athletic Department Secretary and is currently celebrating her 50th year working at MHS. 

Marquardo was actually a student at MHS herself, and joined the school as a staff member almost immediately after graduating. 

While working, she fell in love with MHS’s positive environment. Marquardo expressed that she, “loves helping the kids and enjoys working with the staff.” 

Since Marquado has been here for so long, she has seen the school change in various ways. From it being one whole building in Jenkins to it turning into separate houses, to new principles being hired, as well as adapting to the changes in technology. She notes, however, that one thing that “never changes is the goal for students to reach their full potential.”Beyond the athletic office, Marquado has been an active member of the school community. She has served people as both a mentor to staff, sharing her wisdom and experience. Marquardo provides support to students with aid in receiving scholarships along with fundraising to make sure that they have and receive all the help they need to become successful young adults. 

Marquardo’s commitment to continuous learning and professional development has inspired her colleagues and contributed to the overall growth of the school.

MHS Gym Teacher and Girls’ Volleyball coach Daniel Jurkowski has considered it an honor to work alongside her. Jurkowski also shared that Marquado is very, “dedicated to the school…and puts in so much effort in what she does.”

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