Math National Honors Society Debuts at Malden High

The Math National Honors Society (MNHS) is one of the newest student organizations to arrive at Malden High. Founded by seniors Arnibish Ray and Nathan Dean—the latter of whom is also Editor-in-Chief of Print and Design for The Blue and Gold—it joins the prestigious list of honors societies at the school that commemorate students’ academic achievements in various fields, with this time being mathematics. 

Members of MNHS pose while holding pumpkins at the Pumpkin in the Plaza event at Beebe. Photo submitted by Arnibish Ray

Those interested in and/or enthusiastic about math can join a like-minded community of Malden High students to attend monthly meetings, volunteer at events, make new friends, and, of course, participate in math-related events. Ray hinted at future math competitions in the spring that received positivity from MNHS members—such as senior Yuxin Zeng, who also expressed that she was “very excited” to participate in them.

More generally, Zeng explained that she joined MNHS because she “wanted to expand on different ways in which I could help to make an impact in my community through my love and passion for math.” She believes that the focal idea for honors societies is to “encourage members to give back to their communities through volunteering and service projects, and that was also one of the main factors that appealed to me about it.”

Senior Isabella Oliveira expressed her appreciation for the opportunities MNHS provides to its members and her enthusiasm for math had encouraged her to join, stating that members “get to be very creative in how we incorporate math into community service, like in our holiday events. So it really stretches your creativity, your problem-solving, and your work ethic.” Like Zeng, she looks forward to the math competitions taking place both during and outside of meetings. 

Similarly to other honors societies, students should also meet the academic requirements to become official members. For example, MNHS members must have completed Math 3 and finished every quarter with above an 80 in their math classes. In addition, it requires a membership fee of ten dollars every school year.

However, math teacher and advisor Elizabeth Tirrell believes that it is worth the effort to be part of MNHS. She commented that it provides a “great opportunity for MHS students who've invested a lot of time in their math classes to connect and receive recognition for their hard work.”

Overall, MNHS is on its way to gaining recognition as a prominent student-led honors society at Malden High.

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