Glamour Pals Club Hosts Senior Event

On Thursday, December 21st, the newly founded Glamour Pals club visited Forestdale Park Senior Living for an evening of makeovers and manicures in preparation for the seniors’ holiday party later that night. The club members arrived eager to connect with the seniors and make them not only look their best but also feel their best for the festivities ahead.

After quickly signing in, the volunteers set up two different makeover stations with the supplies the Glamour Gals organization provided for them; one table with a variety of nail polish colors to choose from and single-use nail tools suited for the perfect manicure, and another table filled with quality makeup products and disposable brushes for a safe application. “I think they did a good job, they had a lot of good products too which is nice since I was concerned with my skin,” a senior who had gotten her makeup done commented. 

Senior getting nails painted at event. ALEXIA MACIEL LIMA

If seniors weren’t interested in either of the services being provided, there was also a room with various board games for them to play with the volunteers and a lounge area if they just wanted to have some friendly conversation. This allowed several volunteers who weren’t needed in the makeover room to still engage with the seniors and get to know them better. “I’m enjoying hearing everybody’s stories, and there's actually a couple of people who even went to Malden High. It’s nice to hear what it was like back then,” Orit Abel, a Glamour Pals member volunteering that day, expressed.  

Both volunteers and seniors seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely, not a single senior was unsatisfied with their pampering and volunteers got to learn from and connect with Malden residents that they otherwise wouldn’t have met. “I think it's a learning experience for everyone, for us and you guys,” a senior shared

Through countless laughs, smiles, and stories shared, the Glamour Pals were able to build friendships that day despite the generational difference between them and the seniors. “It’s been really fun, it’s been really good to get to know other generations. Maybe one day I’ll even live here,” Oscar Luc, a Glamour Pals member and volunteer, enthusiastically stated. 

Senior with makeup put on at event. ALEXIA MACIEL LIMA

Regardless of any obstacles that stood in the way, the club was overall able to create a friendly environment that had a positive effect on the seniors. “My experience today was good, it felt refreshing to make the seniors feel good about themselves and see them happy,” Ashley Benfield, another Glamour Pals volunteer, reflected. “You would most definitely be welcome to return,” a senior added.

With the rest of the year ahead of them, the Glamour Pals plan to continuously aid in ending elder isolation one visit at a time. Glamour Pals President Sarah Pham concluded, “It was a little hectic but that’s expected for our first event. I had fun and everyone got their hours. I think next time will definitely go a lot smoother and I’m excited for the future. We’re looking to branch out to other senior centers as well so look out for that in the future!”

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