Malden Debaters Deck Out with Holiday Awards

The Malden High School’s Speech and Debate team capped off 2023 with a stellar performance at the Arlington High School holiday tournament just before the new year. This holiday-themed tournament provided a unique platform for students to showcase their talents in holiday poetry and literature, and the Malden team rose to the occasion, earning a few awards.

Kurtis Scheer, the advisor of the Speech and Debate team here at Malden High, commented that he has high hopes for the team after observing the strong skills shown by returning and first-time members in addition to the impressive leadership abilities demonstrated by the team officers—President Makeila Scott, Vice President Arya Shah, Secretary Nick Duggan, Treasurer Alejandra Fernandez, and Historian Angelina Feng.

From left to right: Aldino Talic, Jelani Tah, Thomas Conti, Shahd Abdulghani, Makeila Scott, Arya Shah, Nick Duggan, Kurtis Scheer;  Makeila Scott, Jelani Tah, Shahd Abdulghani, Thomas Conti, Aldino Talic, Arya Shah, Nick Duggan. Pictures submitted by Kurtis Scheer.

When Scott was asked about how the team has come so far she expressed feelings of accomplishment and joy towards her team. “I think this year’s team was really built upon new members and we tried to do a lot of recruiting. All the effort they put in was really showcased at the tournaments. They put loads of effort in as shown with them memorizing on the bus, and I think overall, they did an outstanding job and I don’t see how it could have been better.”

Photo to the left: Thomas Conti and Aldino Talic posing with their awards. Photo submitted by Kurtis Scheer.

Among the standout performances were those of Thomas Conti and Aldino Talic, whose exceptional contributions earned them well-deserved recognition. When Talic was asked how he prepared for the competition, he stated, “I gathered my fellow peers and we basically debated over the prompts. We shared a research document and worked together to make the opening and closing statements for the tournament.” Talic concluded. 

This success is a clear signal of the team’s potential. With the lessons learned at Arlington High, the Malden Speech and Debate squad is primed for even greater achievements in the year ahead. Keep your eyes on them, because this team is on a mission, and their journey promises to be a compelling narrative of dedication and growth at the school. As Talic states,“It (the Speech and Debate club) has really helped me grow as a person and when it comes to the speaking aspect, it can make you more comfortable when you’re speaking out loud.”

To get in contact with the Speech and Debate club, email or or message their Instagram account (@mhs_speechanddebate).

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