Malden High School Prepares for 2024 Junior Varieties

This year, the junior class will be hosting the 84th Junior Varieties (JVs). With lots of excitement, the student council—with the support of class advisors Courtney Braz and Robert Grinnell—has begun to plan for JVs. 

With the aim of hosting their largest fundraiser of the year on March 15th and 16th, the class already hosted auditions in mid-December. Now, with a nearly finalized lineup, they have officially announced their theme to be “Late Night with Barbie.”

Late Night With Barbie promotional poster taken from @maldenco2025 Instagram page.

When deciding on this theme, the council was stuck on two main ideas. Saniah Charles, Vice President for the class of 2025, explained that they “had wanted to do ‘Barbie’ and some had wanted to do ‘late night,’ so we had a vote and everything and it was still a tie—until our wonderful advisor Ms. Braz had the idea to mix the two to then be late night with Barbie.”

Braz explained that they “were going back and forth with the decision.” However, after giving it much thought, she proposed  the idea of, “What if it was a late-night show that was hosted by Barbie?”

Grinnell explained that Barbie was a great idea as it is incredibly popular right now, as well as the fact that it “has a great storyline behind it.”

JV Coordinator for the class of 2025, Bertha Jean Louis, thought the idea was very creative and fit the theme as JVs is hosted in the evening, giving it the perfect setting. 

Now with a cast figured out, they have begun to prepare for JVs. Louis explained, “We are working with our crew members and cast and figuring out the scripts.”

Charles added to this, emphasizing that now that they have all of their acts, they want to  “get a headstart on our script. We’re also just constantly pushing out ideas to promote and make this year’s show look really amazing!”

March may still be far in the future, but they have been working hard to prepare for a great show. At this point in their preparation they are working on their script, figuring out sponsors, and working out the kinks of the individual performances to make them fit their theme. 

In fact, they already have a great assortment of cast members, including five Barbies and two Kens who will act as hosts for the show. Braz explained that they have a variety of different acts including singing, dancing, piano, the Step Team, the Afro Caribbean Dance Team, a rap group, and so much more to look forward to. 

Grinnell explained that the process has been quite smooth so far. “We have a lot of people who have a lot of experience in last years’ JVs, both when it comes to the acts and also on the crew ends of things,” he said. This allowed them to get things started right away instead of spending a lot of time figuring out what they needed to do.

Ultimately, the council is excited and ready to host a great JVs this upcoming March. “I love my council, and doing a big event like this will be a huge help for prom and other senior year activities,” Secretary Sarah Pham said. “Once we start practicing and organizing in the auditorium, it’ll be nice to see all of our hard work visible and together.” 

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