Malden’s Boys’ Basketball Plays a Tough Game against Boston Latin

Malden High’s boys’ varsity basketball team came to win on December 27th. Even at the end of the warmup, the team came out with outstanding energy; they looked like they could not be stopped. Players were making all their shots during warmup.

After the warm-up, the game began, and Malden got the ball first from the tip-off. The team had a good start and hustled down the court to defend and go on offense. They proved ready for the game, blocking almost every shot in the second quarter. 

Yandel Huynh attempts to dunk the ball into the net, facing opposition from Boston Latin players. JORDAN CAPLIS

While the team started to lose their energy—which resulted in them not being able to block or defend every shot on the net and the score being close in the second quarter—they were still fighting by putting in their best effort and subbing people in when needed. 

However, Malden was coming back strong but not strong enough: they were still missing that energy that they had during warmups. Close to the end of the second quarter, Boston Latin started to pull away and take more energy and motivation from the Tornados.

Once it reached halftime, they all went into the locker room with their heads down and unmotivated—but by the end of it, they came out of the locker ambitious and more energetic.

From left to right: Malden players huddling before the game, hyping each other up; Malden players cheer each other up at half-time after a hard play. JORDAN CAPLIS

Going into the second half, Malden started with the ball off strong and ready to play. They had the same energy as they did at the start of the game and sought to reverse the previous loss of score. Despite being down 15 points then, the players fought until they tied up the game in the third quarter.

Maintaining their energy throughout the quarter, the game kept going on with the teams taking turns leading the score,—then Malden started to pull ahead with Yandel Huynh hitting a 3-pointer. Malden started pulling away from Boston Latin — but they started to lose their energy again, so they had to sub players in and out. After that point, Boston Latin was able to catch up again and tie the score yet again. The teams were trading points and advantages, going back and forth with points. Boston Latin was able to sub in other players that had not played all game, so they had a fresh energy that Malden could not match.

As Boston Latin takes their shot on net, Malden players rush to the defense of their post to keep the score down. JORDAN CAPLIS

By the fourth quarter, Malden was burnt out of energy; they could not keep up. They were still trying their hardest to score and did continue to, but they just could not keep up because of the lead Boston Latin gained. At the end of the game, the other team showed respect for playing against them, and the final score resulted in Malden losing 37-60.

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