Staff Profile: Malden High’s Janitors Sweep the Day Away

Despite the progressing new year, some things at school never change. That goes from the school lunch pizza to the packed bathrooms—but most importantly, the positive staff that help around the school, such as custodians. They selflessly work hard every day to keep the school a clean place for everyone.

There are four main custodians at Malden High School. One of them is Henry Figueroa, who has been a custodian for four years. He transferred from a public facility and took the opening spot offered to him at Malden High School in hopes of connecting with more people and getting more opportunities. He mentioned how it does not require much patience for him to help anytime there is a mess because he likes to clean, adding,  “I like my coworkers a lot—they make my job so much more fun—and I enjoy talking to the kids here.” Figueroa is always first to help people clean the messes they made, all with a smile on his face. 

Another custodian is Ismael Rodriguez, who has been a custodian for a year. He mentioned how working at MHS came with many benefits because “you’re connected to the city and community.” Rodriguez complimented the people he works with, who he believes “makes his job so much easier on him and makes him enjoy what he does more.” He is a naturally patient person, and that is what motivates him to keep working every day. 

Then, there is custodian Jovan Walcott, who has worked for about 20 years in pursuit of getting greater opportunities and becoming closer to the Malden community. He expressed that he has the patience to do this constantly because “understanding this is my job and how to complete it makes it easy to get done, and the people I work with make this so much more enjoyable.” 

The janitors at Malden High School put so much effort into keeping our school clean. Hopefully, this article reminds everyone to not take advantage of the people who care for them. The school’s janitors are always cleaning and making sure students and staff do not have a messy and unhealthy environment. They make Malden High School a better place. 

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