The Golden Tornados Take Home the Win against Chelsea

Two days before winter break, a tough game between two great teams, Malden and Chelsea, ended in a competitive win for Malden on December 19, a Tuesday night ending a great week before our Christmas cheer and spirit filled the atmosphere with joyous wonders. A great beginning to the season and a wonderful ending to a fantastic year.

Malden during the National Anthem. MERIAM BOUCHTOUT

In the first quarter, Malden had the upper hand in a great lead playing an easy quarter. “Chelsea is a good team, we definitely had to work for our buckets, could've got a little more out of it. But overall we played really good and it was a really good game and it was hard,” said Yandel Huynh.

After the end of quarter one, coach Dan Jurkowski gave the players a hard time after multiple fouls. “I think if we really tried, we could get less fouls because if they made all their free throws it would be a free game.” Said Captain Ezechiel Noelsaint. The team finished their second quarter while holding their line, going into their third and hardest.

Malden during a timeout. MERIAM BOUCHTOUT

In the third quarter, Malden kept fouling and dropping in points, a rough quarter while coach Jurkowski gave them death stares. “I think you persevere through adversity because that third quarter was rough going 50 in four rounds but I think we kept our heads and we did what we need to do to win the game,” said Captain Noelsaint. 

The fourth quarter was the last, it determines if you either win or lose, it felt like a penalty shootout at a finals. But Malden had the lion in their hearts and the tornado in their game, that’s how we truly won our game. Like Earl Fevrier said, “We could’ve performed a lot better, you know, all our team courage goes to 100%! Aint nobody can stop us.”

And of course good job to our cheerleading team for making amazing stunts between quarters. “This whole Malden thing goes far, we keep working and execute,” added Huynh.

Captain Ezechiel shoots a contested 3. MERIAM BOUCHTOUT

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