School Committee Public Comment: Support for Dr. Noriega-Murphy

The month of February has started with local opinion and thought, which was showcased in Malden’s School Committee hearing. The hearing, which commenced on the fifth, started off with an abundance of law complaints against the school committee, starting as early as mid-January.

The 2024 Malden School Committee members, gathered for a group picture. Photo taken from the City of Malden website.

Mayor Gary Christenson joked that he “bought enough girl scout cookies” to help him and the committee get through the items if the committee was to go through executive session. The chamber then switched to a three-minute public comment after pledging allegiance. A mix of voices, expressing both concern and support for Dr. Noriega-Murphy, had been heard.

From educators and parents to the President of the Special Education Parent Advisory Council, SEPAC, all spoke out in support of Dr. Noriega-Murphy. The main theme, however, was worry—not for themselves, but for the students of the district. 

As the President of SEPAC, Jackie Ecker stated that they represent the most vulnerable percentage of students within the system and should have been consulted on the plan to not renew the superintendent. Ecker purely does not want history to repeat itself, as she feels the superintendent truly saw them and cared. "Historically,” the special education department has been neglected.

A few more dedicated members of the community spoke out, saying they believed Dr. Noriega-Murphy was a great fit. Another point that was brought up was clarity on the reason for her non-renewal. 

Fern Remedi-Brown spoke out, calling the nonrenewal “unjust” and siding with Ecker. Brown stated that Dr. Noriega-Murphy strived for “inclusion and accountability all across the board.” 

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