The Malden High Gymnastics Team performs their last team chant, celebrating their final meet and commemorating Wakefield’s win. EMILLY WEIHRAUCH

In the face of defeat, Malden kept their head high and celebrated not only their success during the gymnastics season, but also Wakefield’s win during their last meet on January 24th. They unfortunately lost against Wakefield with a score of 109.55 to 128.75. Despite their loss, the seniors and underclassmen alike are all looking forward to how they will progress in their journey with this sport. Malden High’s Gymnastics Team will continue to pour passion into their performance, and its players will reminisce on the great season.

From left to right, top to bottom: Freshman Jazlyne Kalani performs her floor routine, incorporating Middle Eastern cultural aspects, with her song containing Arabian and Egyptian music; Junior Ivana Marinkovic performing her complex floor routine, consisting of elegantly done walkovers such as this one; Freshman Alison Diez performing her floor routine, dancing enthusiastically, and leaping energetically to her music; Senior Kara Cheung leaps onto the floor, ready to shock her team with her explosive and energetic performance. EMILLY WEIHRAUCH

From left to right, top to bottom: Freshman Maliya Kazadi elegantly balances on the beam and focuses on her routine; Freshman Anthony Ford sticking the landing after leaping past a vault; Senior Kara Cheung gracefully leaps on the beam. EMILLY WEIHRAUCH

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