Engineering Club Fashions a Loving Bake Sale

There was love in the air and sweetness filling the halls on Valentine's Day: the Engineering Club hosted a bake sale, transforming the front of the school into a loving display.

Even though most members didn’t bake, they were responsible for creating the Valentine's Day-themed photo booth, as the club leaders were in charge of the snacks and sweet treats.

The bake sale supports the Engineering Club to raise funds for upcoming projects and supplies. “For this, we fundraised for different materials like paint, and stuff to use for projects, so these bake sales are very important for us to fundraise so we can supply our products,” said club president Alejandra Fernandez.

Similar to their Christmas bake sale, they had designed a Christmas-themed photo frame. Everyone enjoyed the idea so they decided to design a Valentine's Day-inspired photo frame. “The members play an important role in the stuff that we hand make for the bake sale, so in this case the photo frame,” Fernandez explained.

Through collaboration fueled by friendship and love, the Engineering Club members worked together to create a memorable and heartwarming event. “Looking for a project where all the members could work together and still have time with friends and love together,” Fernandez said.

The Valentine’s Day bake sale concluded not just as a successful fundraiser, but as a demonstration of friendship and love within the Engineering Club.

From left to right: club officers Susila Wong, Alejandra Fernandez, and Megyn Ta pose inside a lovely picture frame. VICTORIA DOMICIANO

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