The Harlem Wizards to Face-Off Against Malden Public Schools Staff

As a way of funding money for the class of 2024 and creating a fun event for the school and community, the class is hosting a basketball game with teachers from our district going up against The Harlem Wizards. Like the Harlem Globetrotters, they are a basketball team made up of professional athletes based on entertainment.

Aside from being exciting, this event will also be a massive fundraiser and will go towards “a lot of things for the class, like hats and gowns, help with the prom ticket cost, things like the Senior barbecue,”co-advisor Jessica Webber expressed. Webber has high hopes for this fundraiser as it will be a city wide fundraiser where grades K-8 will also be able to attend, as well as their families. “It is much more targeted to younger kids,” Webber expressed, but is definitely a “community based event.”

As of right now the council is advertising for the event as they hope it will be held on a large scale. “I think we really need to push press-like advertisements,” Webber reflected.

Kristen Kirby, co-advisor, had done this and the past and wanted to bring it back. Thankfully “somebody from the wizards had reached out,” letting Kirby know that they would in fact be happy to play this game.

Kirby has expressed how she is excited for the actual game itself. She finds the most exciting part of the event where the Harlem Wizards’ players will interact with the little kids that attend the event and even more. Proving that this event will be more community based and be more for little kids, though adults and teenagers alike can also enjoy and get a few laughs out of this event.

Instagram Story encouraging people to register to volunteer for The Harlem Wizards Basketball Game. Taken from @maldenco24.

“We would like to make a few thousand dollars with this. All of the money would help with senior expenses: cap and gown, senior barbecue and prom tickets. Things along those lines,” Kirby explained. In prior years many students have had trouble paying for these things so raising more and more money will help to make them more affordable.

“The game is going to be a lot of fun, so I encourage everyone to come. And bring your younger siblings, cousins, etc. We are hoping to make this an annual event that will continue to grow year to year,” said Kirby.

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