Malden High’s Tornado Travelers Club flew to Costa Rica for its yearly trip. During February break, the club members flew into the Liberia International Airport after a long day of travel. On the travel to Costa Rica, the club had a layover on the way in Charlotte, North Carolina. After landing the tired travelers took one last trip on a drive to its first hotel. 

After a long day of traveling, the students arrived at their first hotel and went to sleep. On an early morning with a local Costa Rican breakfast at the hotel, the first official day in Costa Rica was filled with excitement and activities. They then rode the bus to the Palo Verde National Park, where they went on a crocodile boat safari to view animals like the crocs, which was followed by a short bus ride to the coast where they went snorkeling and enjoyed some fresh pineapple. 

Shortly after, the club enjoyed a refreshing swim in the water along with a calming boat ride back to the coast for lunch at a farm. During this lunch, the students met some of the livestock and then enjoyed a local Costa Rican dish. Afterward, another trip back to the Hotel Del Rio. 

After a relaxing night with card games and activities, the travelers had an early morning to start day three with a trip to the Arenal Region for a rainy kayaking experience. Despite the weather, the Tornado Travelers made the best of it and enjoyed the hour-long trip around the San Carlos area. 

Later on, the club participated in yet another wet activity because of rain with a hike in the Arenal Volcano National Park. During the hike, the weather was not to the club’s liking; but even with the conditions, there were many stops for nature and some beautiful views until the students finally made it to the view of where they could see the Arenal Volcano. Sadly, due to weather conditions, the view was very limited and it was difficult to see without a pair of binoculars. Nonetheless, on the way back to the bus, there were more stops for some amazing views of Costa Rican flora and fauna. 

After pictures and some fun in the rain, the travelers set their way to a chocolate tour at the Rainforest Chocolate Tour where they met the world's best chocolatier who made the tour as interactive and fun as possible. During this tour, the students and advisors participated in the process of chocolate making and then tried their delicious makings. After this experience, the kids then went to the next hotel for dinner and had another relaxing night, this time at the Rancho Makena in the Monteverde Region.

Speaking from firsthand experience the Rancho Makena had one of the prettiest views from its lobby and the sunset view, staying there felt like a dream. After yet another early morning, day four  began with another bus ride this time to the La Fortuna Waterfall where the students took the deep descent down to the waterfall and took in the amazing views of the waterfall. Following the views the students then had to take the long walk back up the many stairs they took on the way down. After some walking around the gift shops the club took off to a delicious lunch and then to its next activity in Parque Central La Fortuna which was a town where the students were given time to explore and purchase souvenirs. The busy travelers then went to their next relaxing activity at the Hotel El Tucano Resort & Spa where the hot springs were. The students then spent the next few hours relaxing in these hot springs followed by dinner and then another bus ride to the hotel for the night. 

Day five was once again an early morning, this time the travelers prepared themselves for the day starting with another farm tour where the students were able to make their own empanadas for lunch. Students were also given the opportunity to milk a cow during this tour and many jumped at the chance to do so. Following a bit of relaxing time back at the hotel the students set out for a nighttime nature walk in the Santa Elena Cloud forest, where they got to see Costa Rican wildlife up close. Some of the animals the students found were sloths, snakes, toucans, tarantulas, and scorpions. After this day five was wrapped up and students were off to sleep for day 6.

Day six again, like almost all mornings, started off early with breakfast and then a short bus ride to Reserva Bosque Nuboso Santa Elena, where the travelers were able to see from the highest point in the area and finally get a glimpse of the Arenal Volcano. In the afternoon the club took on one of its most exciting and daring activities, ziplining, where students were able to see some amazing views and overcome massive fears with a great rush of adrenaline. Following the ziplining, students were able to walk around another town in Puntarenas where they got some food and souvenirs. Once again after visiting the town, the bus took them back to the hotel where students had another relaxing night with an amazing view of the sunset.

Leading into day seven another switch in hotels made it an early morning again. After a few hour bus ride to the Pacific Coast and many power naps, the club took their half-asleep selves to another crocodile safari this time seeing more crocs and even more wildlife. Following a very eventful ride, the club traveled to the butterfly sanctuary where the students were introduced to multiple types of butterflies and saw some of the processes of the butterflies evolving from caterpillars. After the tour, the travelers took a seat on a tram and took a ride up the rainforest canopy. Once the ride was over, it was time to travel to its next hotel, Balcon del Mar, where students were able to walk the city down the road for a little while and then enjoy a relaxing night by the pool.

With an easy and relaxing day ahead, students were given a later curfew—meaning that for the first time on the trip ,they were allowed to sleep in for a few extra hours that gave them a well-rested start to day eight. Day eight was a very easy day with breakfast at the hotel, followed by another long bus ride to the Manuel Antonio National Park which was the club’s first beach day of the trip. On the way to the beaches, there was a nature walk where the club was able to spot some capuchin monkeys and various other birds and lizards. Once at the beach, the travelers set up for a relaxing beach day and spent a few hours there until lunchtime. A tasty lunch filled with pizza and fruit juices fueled the students for the bus ride back to the hotel where they were given another few hours to freshen up and roam the city strip near the hotel. Many students took this opportunity to get more souvenirs and some ice cream. After their time was up, the travelers returned to the hotel for dinner and then set off to Jacó Beach which was across the way for the sunset. Then they set up for another relaxing night at the pool leading to day nine. 

After breakfast at the hotel, the Tornado Travelers set off for its final hotel in San Jose but had a few stops on the way there, its first, Sarchi. Sarchi is home to some of the most creative artists, and students had the opportunity to stop and admire some of Costa Rica's popular designs and artwork. This stop was followed by another at the Oxigeno Human Playground where the club had lunch and purchased some more souvenirs. Once again the club was on the road and took its final stop on the way at the Britt Coffee plantation. During this time, students took an interactive tour of the plantation and got to participate in making their very own coffee. Following this was the final destination of this long bus ride to San Jose and its final hotel, KC Hotel San Jose. 

Around this time in the day, the club would usually be settling down for the night and  have dinner, but day nine’s dinner was a special one that none of the students would forget. A Costa Rican Folklore dinner was a treat for the students and was just as fun and interesting as it was spoken up to be. With many different dances, songs, and Costa Rican cultural clothing, the night was filled with color. After an amazing choreography, the dancers started pulling students from other schools and Malden High’s very own on stage to dance with them. 

Although the performance ended and the dancers left, the Tornado Travelers were able to storm the floor for themselves. During this, many decided to take in the amazing night skyline view of San Jose from the restaurant. After the eventful dinner and dancing, students and advisors continued the party on the bus ride back to the hotel by singing along to many songs. Taking this party late into the night, students went to sleep shortly after returning to the hotel ready for their final day in Costa Rica. 

The club’s final day, day ten, started with a late breakfast at the hotel and was followed by a long bus ride to its final—and perhaps its best—activity: white water rafting. Upon arrival, students were given instructions on how to stay safe and how to paddle during the activity, and then they were off. 

During the activity, the club bounced around the waters and rocks in the lake, then they stopped halfway. At this stop, the travelers were given the chance to jump off a short cliff into the water; and of course, every student and advisor quite literally jumped at the chance to do so. After the jump, students laid back in the stream and the water led them back to the boat where they enjoyed freshly cut watermelon and pineapple. After this, the students were once again on the way down the stream and bounced around with some even falling overboard.

Following the long and fun trip down the water, the club enjoyed some lunch with their boat instructors and then were off back to the hotel again to relax for the long day of travel ahead of them. With dinner at the hotel, the club was officially over with the day and they relaxed until bed.

Finally, after an eventful and beautiful trip, the Tornado Travelers took their final bus ride with the best driver and best tour guide EF (Education First) had to offer. At the airport, students took their final pictures with them, said goodbye, and then headed to the San Jose airport. On the way back, the club had a layover at the Miami International Airport and enjoyed its final meal away from home.

Finally, after a long day of travel, the Tornado Travelers were back at home for a late night in Boston.

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