This year's girls’ lacrosse just began their season and are looking to improve from their previous season. In the 2023 season, the team’s record was 4 wins to 14 losses and ranked 56 out of 58 in the MIAA, just above Everett. This year, the team hopes to win the GBL and improve their win record

Nyla Pierre surrounded by Everett players. VICTORIA DOMICIANO

Senior Captain Briana Morales stated, “Becoming a captain has pushed me to better myself because I want to be able to help players if they’re ever struggling or confused about the game.” As a third-year player on the team, Morales continues to play and stays on the team in part because of the friendship she formed with her teammates: “I love the dynamic of the team and how it's fun to be around them.” 

Similarly, junior Jeslyn San, who has been playing since 8th grade, enjoys the team's camaraderie. “I love having a family to rely on in the game. Everyone is very supportive and I just love the connection you create on a team.” San also likes the competitiveness of the game. “What motivated me to continue playing lacrosse would be the joy of playing. I love the dynamics and skills required to play,” she explained.

Freshman Nyla Pierre celebrating after scoring. VICTORIA DOMICIANO

Being a member of a team is as important and fragile as family, sometimes teammates have disagreements but will never break apart because of the strong bonds created. “I love having a family to rely on in the game. Everyone is very supportive and I just love the connection you create on a team,” said San.

Of course, it is also important to set some goals; as San also commented, “This season, personally, I hope to reach 100 goals and advance my personal skills in lacrosse.” An important part of being a team player is committing to the team whether it’s improving personal or team performance, ‘cause it shows the sacrifices a player makes to the team. “As a team, our goal is to just get better and better, winning games and advancing our skills in lacrosse,” said San.

Juinor Jeslyn San midfielder running to be available. VICTORIA DOMICIANO

This year's lacrosse team is determined to improve and win the following games to advance to states. Hopefully, the team will face off in the finals and bring back home a trophy, but they can be encouraged by showing up to their games and supporting them to victory.


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