As the last day of school for Malden High School’s seniors draws closer, students have begun to prepare for exams and are excited to see the year come to an end. 

Though this year has felt extremely short, the seniors are ready now more than ever to walk across the stage in just a few short weeks, taking their diplomas with them as they step into their futures. 

“It is a bittersweet feeling seeing the Class of 2024 leaving Malden High. I feel like the year went by both very fast and slow, especially with all the FAFSA delays which really dragged on the college process,” said one of the College and Career Center Advisors Michelle Sun. 

Throughout the year Sun helped students with all forms of post-secondary applications, from college and FAFSA, to ROTC, and the workforce. “But I also feel beyond proud of the seniors who, in the beginning of the year, didn't know where they were going, to now know where they want to go,” Sun emphasized.

“It is bittersweet to see the seniors graduate. This is such a special group of kids and I will miss them so much,” said Class of 2024 advisor and Biology teacher Jessica Webber. “I have really enjoyed getting to know them personally and academically,” she expressed.

Senior Pampam San. Photo submitted by San.

Senior Pampam San plans on attending UMass Amherst, “I am planning on majoring in Political Science and I also want to minor in something but I am not sure yet. Most likely sociology, psychology, or some sort of art,” said San.

“Compared to freshman year, I think that I am a completely different person now than I was before. I think that I definitely grew as a person because I put myself out there more and joined clubs and tried out many new things like sports and summer search and I also am friends with people that I didn’t ever think I’d be friends with in like a thousand years,” San said, reflecting on her time in high school. 

She has enjoyed a number of different experiences during high school including, “Youth and Government [the meetings, state conferences and CONA], all of my field hockey seasons, hanging out with my friends at lunch and last but not least, AP Government with Mr. Tivnan during my junior year,” said San with excitement. 

San has felt supported by many people along the way including history teacher Richard Tivnan, “his room is one of my favorite places in the school and I also like talking to him because he always offers eye-opening perspectives and he has taught me to always consider the other side of the coin,” said San.

As the year is coming to an end, San is excited to graduate but will, “miss the memories that I have created here and the connections that I have made with the people here. I think that I will also most definitely miss the field hockey team and my fellow delegates in youth and government.”

Senior Nick Duggan. Photo submitted by Duggan.

Senior Nicholas Duggan, known for his roles as President of Key Club, Captain for both Cross Country and Track, and his activism, is ready to pursue a degree in Business Management with a minor in Political Science. 

Over the years Duggan has reflected on his growth as a person and student, “I feel I have grown in many ways including becoming a better speaker, more organized, and better at leading,” said Duggan. “The way that I have grown the most is my resourcefulness and working to rely on others while delegating tasks,” explained Duggan. As a leader in the community, he has held many roles in which he was required to support and encourage his teams.

Duggan enjoyed a number of extracurricular activities at MHS, one of which was the Malden Youth Civics Council, a group of students who strive to improve Malden. “The largest thing I will miss about Malden High School is the inclusive community and the numerous opportunities that were available for students to get involved in,” Duggan expressed.

As he prepares to graduate this June, Duggan encourages all those around him to be proud of themselves. “We have all come a long way accomplishing so much and that whatever we approach in the future, it is known we will have a large lasting impact,” he emphasized.

Senior Elina Yang. Photo submitted by Yang.

Senior Elina Yang, who plans to study Pharmaceutical Science at Northeastern University’s Oakland Campus before transferring to Boston, is excited to graduate and pursue her future.

“I feel I’ve definitely become a stronger and open-minded person throughout high school and more willing to try new things regardless of the outcome! I learned that grades don’t define you as a person so it's good to do the best you can,” Yang said reflecting on her time at MHS.

Yang has enjoyed spending time with the people she’s met along the way and loved to see the community grow, with new clubs promoting themselves outside of the main entrance with a Bake Sale most days, “I loved the cake pops,” she expressed. Yang also loved getting to watch JVs each year, “the themes are always so creative and everyone here is so talented,” Yang said.

“I’m definitely going to miss the community at Malden High, everyone is so supportive, and being here has definitely made me feel more included than ever! I used to live in a predominantly white neighborhood so it was a culture shock living in Malden where it's so diverse and everyone is so welcoming,” Yang expressed.

Yang hopes that the underclassmen understand the lesson that so many people struggle to understand. “It’s so important to prioritize yourself and make sure you’re having fun in high school,” Yang explained, she went on to explain, “It’s not worth it to take a class that makes you feel miserable for a whole year so make sure to do what makes you happy.”

“Malden High students are so impressive and involved with their communities, I am grateful for working with the ones I met,” said Sun, additionally Sun encourages everyone to remember, “everyone has their own paths, at their own pace,” when it comes to their futures.

“My advice is to keep setting goals and believing in themselves that they can reach them. They have overcome so much already, and have such bright futures,” Webber encouraged, adding that they should be sure to, “keep in touch and come back and visit!”

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