CO’26 Sweetens the Afternoon with Easter Treats

After a long day of testing for sophomores at Malden High, the Class of 2026 sweetened up the afternoon with their easter bake sale in the front lobby of the Boyle House. With a large budget goal ahead of them, the class gathered to sell treats to fund future opportunities. 

The sale consisted of many different varieties of treats such as brownies, cake pops, coxinhes, and brigaderios–traditional Brazilian desserts. Vice president Rashmi KC feels that the Brazilian treats were a great addition to add diversity to the group of treats served.“I feel like it definitely was a major trend,” KC mentioned. Additionally, all of the treats served in the bake sale were handmade from the Class of 2026 themselves. “Our social media coordinator, Sarah,  was able to get some Brazilian treats for us so that was great,” KC adds. 

Class of 2026 selling their easter treats. JENAYAH MORENO. 

As for the profits from the bake sale, the Class of 2026 hopes to put it towards their goal of $30,000 that they hope to have saved by senior year. As many know from the Class of 2026’s Instagram, they strive to have this money saved up within the next 2 years for events such as prom and graduation. They would additionally like to use the profits to invest in other future events. “We have spring soiree coming up. It’s going to be in June, and our plans are to get the entire class involved in it. It should be fun” stated President Eldana Abrhame. 

Many people have speculations about the large amount of money being raised in such a small amount of time. The class hopes to try their best to meet this goal rather than let their time limit stop them. They plan to continue with small events hoping to host larger events in the future. “We’re hoping to do more like outdoor events, and one of them being Culture Day. We’re hoping to have this happen this year, but if not, hopefully, pick it up for next year.”

Many students appreciated the treats and found a sweet treat after the long MCAS day comforting. Sophomore Ndiaye Oliver mentioned how the “treats were delicious, and it was nice to wind down with a sweet treat after a stressful day”.

Students looking to buy easter treats. JENAYAH MORENO. 

The Class of 2026 continues to strive in their small events as they continue to plan for future events in the future. For updates on more from the Class of 2026, you can find them on Instagram @maldenco26.

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