Julisa Ramirez Springs into Action This Season

Julisa Ramirez waiting on the base between pitches. Photo submitted by Ramirez.

As Julisa Ramirez enters her last season on the softball team, she continues her dedication and passion on the field. As a senior at Malden High School, Ramirez has been an important part of the softball team since her freshman year. Her journey in softball began at a young age, starting at the age of eight years old.

Ramirez was inspired by her dad’s love for the sport as she grew up watching him play. At 13 years old, Ramirez fell in love with the sport that came with physical and mental growth within the game.

Ramirez has focused on her skills, transforming into an outstanding 1st base player and a respected leader on and off the field. Not only is she on the high school team, but she also participates in a Travel team playing the position of 3rd base. Additionally, Ramirez also has done cheer from ages 6-11, then picking it back up for her junior year of high school.

Julisa Ramirez getting tapped off the pitch. Photo submitted by Ramirez.

Her dedication to the sport is evident in her consistent performance and commitment to succeed. “I learned great confidence in myself because of the sport but also found great communication skills,” Ramirez said.

Beyond her athletic abilities, Ramirez’s positive attitude and dedication inspire her teammates to give their best in every game. She fosters a sense of teamwork that is essential for the team’s success. “I just kept my positive mindset if I messed up a play to make the next one better. If I was at a position I didn't like my coaches put me there for a reason just make sure you do your part to help the team. If you can't do it for yourself, do it for your teammates,” Ramirez expressed.

“Softball can get very heated so I got to learn not to talk back and brush things off competitors say and that taught me not to take things personally in my outside life,” Ramirez added. When challenges on the field emerge, she remains content, as she knows the game can get heated.

Off the field, Ramirez learns to balance training schedules, academic commitments, and personal responsibilities. Traveling for away games or tournaments adds more of a challenge, requiring her to balance schoolwork and maintain relationships with family and friends. Even with a busy schedule, Ramirez's favorite thing to do in her free time is drive around with friends and listen to music, spending time with people she appreciates.

Ramirez’s journey serves as an inspiration to the younger softball players and any Maldonian athletes, showcasing her determination and passion on the field.


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