New Faces, and Longtime Players Begin Season on Girls’ Lacrosse Team

On April 2nd, the Malden High Girls’ Lacrosse team fell to the Somerville Highlanders 9-5. Despite the loss, the team is hopeful that they can have a productive season on the field and improve little by little each game.

During the match on Malden’s home turf, the Golden Tornados struggled a bit offensively in the first half of the game and had trouble getting quality shots on the net. However, in the second half, things changed as junior Makenzie Jenkins scored two goals as well as junior Jeslyn San who tallied a hat trick. The junior duo was working together on the offensive end with both of them setting each other up for goals with crisp passes. Unfortunately, Jenkins and San’s efforts would still have Malden fall short by four goals. First-year player Alina Dao anchored the team well in the net, stopping a multitude of shots and excelling in her first game.

Junior Makenzie Jenkins takes the draw. BO STEAD

Being a senior, Dao mentioned her first time playing lacrosse has been “quite amazing,” and noted she was “just enjoying the new experience,” while still getting a gauge for what the sport is like. Dao is very pleased with how the captains have led the team and explained they “know when to keep the team in check and know when to put some ease in the atmosphere.” Dao also admires Coach Devon Pattershall’s style of showing “so much care for every player on and off the field.”

As for junior Jeslyn San who has been one of the most consistent players for the team in past years, her aim is to score her 100th career goal. San believes that compared to past years the teams’ biggest strength is “communicating,” and “helping each other get better every day.” San professed her love for the captains and described them as “kind, loving, caring and helpful with the new girls—they are everyone’s support system.” San put it simply as “I love my coach.” She went on to express that she loves Coach Pattershall’s courage to take on the role of second-year head coach. San agreed with many of the other players in saying, “She teaches me how to be the best version of myself.”

Captain Briana Morales Pacheco, is proud of the new girls coming to the sport. She did note that at times it puts them at a disadvantage going against more experienced teams, but explained the new players are “showing a lot of potential” as the season progresses.

Jeslyn San sprints to catch a pass in stride. BO STEAD

Junior Makenzie Jenkins who set a goal-scoring record last year by having 137 career goals just by the end of her sophomore campaign has her sights aimed on getting to the 200 career goal mark. Jenkins, who hopes to play in college one day wants to “perfect” her shooting skills and “help grow the team.” Jenkins did recognize that “defensive communication is there,” however offensively the team needs to work on their communication more.

Makenzie Jenkins cradles the ball upfield. BO STEAD

Coach Pattershall shouted out her senior captains, noting that the three of them “work really well together,” and they are “great role models for anyone looking to gain a captain position next year.” With most of the year so far primarily being practices in cold and wet weather, Pattershall did recognize this as a bit of an obstacle but noted everyone’s skills are “freshening up.” Additionally, Pattershall is pleased with new players “quickly learning the sport and are shaping out to be potential core players.” As a coach, she is always looking to improve herself, “I am also constantly watching other coaches' videos to learn from them about various drills and tips to help utilize them in practices and games.” 

It is vital for a coach to work on their craft in order to help the team overall. Comparing this year to last year Pattershall noted with lots of new players last year, she worked on “building team morale and working on fundamentals,” whereas this year having only lost one senior the aim is to “build on the progress of last year.”

Abby Morrison swerves past defenders. BO STEAD

As for one of the most important parts of any sports team, the chemistry of the team definitely meets the bar. San noted that “it’s like a spark ignites” whenever the team runs on the field together and they “fight through their toughest times” together. Morales admired how the team “cheers each other on in games and practices which helps lighten the mood.”  Jenkins also explained that as the season goes on and more games are played “chemistry builds on and on.”

The team defends home turf again on Tuesday, April 9th against the Medford Mustangs and then travels to take on Georgetown on April 10th.

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