Enthusiasm filled the stands as friends and family eagerly watched the Malden High School boys’ lacrosse team. Malden fought hard and kept it a back-and-forth game until the end. Stealing the ball from Northeast Metro Tech, dodging their attacks, and scoring all riled up the stands filled with Malden supporters. As the fans cheered, chanted, and roared for Malden High they were only getting more and more fired up.

Back-and-forth the boys went with Northeast Metro Tech but in the end, it was a loss by one point. With a final score of 8-7, there was a slight disappointment for senior night, but the boys stayed as positive as they could and so did the stands.

“Senior night was great, being able to have my friends and family at the game supporting me feels amazing! It didn’t finish the way we wanted but we still played a good game,” said senior and captain Chad Robertson. Senior Eric Vieira also mentioned, “This was the most active any of our games had been all year and we couldn’t have asked for a better game.”

Even though this is the last home game for the seniors, the impact the lacrosse team has imprinted on them will last forever. “Although it was only for a season, lacrosse definitely gave me a sense of camaraderie and competitiveness that will last long after my high school years. It was an experience like no other,” explained Vieira.

“Lacrosse has done so much for me. I started playing in pre-school and fell in love right away. When I got a little older I started to play all year round and it was all I wanted to do,” stated Robertson. 

For the seniors, lacrosse isn’t just a sport, but it’s their life. Even for just a season, getting an escape to a world of competition and teamwork is what they love. Robertson described, “We do have at least one more game left…but knowing it’s coming to an end is pretty sad to think about. I can’t imagine not playing lacrosse and honestly, I’m not sure what I’m going to do when it’s done.”

“I really grew to love it and I’ll miss all my teammates I’m leaving behind. The only regret I have is not playing lacrosse any sooner,” Vieira added.

As the year comes to an end gratitude and sincerity are felt by all of the senior lacrosse players. Losing the game wasn’t important to them; it was being able to work together with their teammates and fight hard one last time at MacDonald Stadium and further the bonds they have forged throughout the season. 

After the loss, the seniors continued to have huge smiles on their faces knowing they did their best and that was all they could do. Nothing could’ve ruined this senior night for them and their appreciation for their time on the team was evident throughout the whole game.

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