Malden High Softball Team’s Defense Line Falls to Lynn English Bulldogs

On May 15th, the Malden High Softball team went against the Lynn English Bulldogs. With Senior Night around the corner and the season coming to a close, the Tornadoes arrived at Callahan Park and decided to come through aggressively. Throughout the entire game, the team maintained a mindset and attitude with the intention of winning. With the help of Coaches Rebecca Krigman and Ashley Laramie, the players showed excitement and determination during their at-bats all while showing support from the dugout. 

While Coach Krigman warned the runners to be careful sliding while baserunning, the players responded with excitement and with impactful phrases such as “I’m wearing white for a reason, I came to get dirty.” Phrases like this were joined by uplifting chants from the dugout. Whenever a new player went up to bat, the other players would support the batter while referring to them by their jersey number. This motivation stayed consistent from the opening huddle. During this huddle, they say the same chant every game “How strong are you? Too strong, What are we? Mobile, agile, hostile. Will we ever quit? No, we want some more, we want some more, we want some more!” When asked about the chant, Sophomore Haylee Seeley said “I’m always loud and cheering because I want to bring the energy for my team.” This form of motivation is highly encouraged by Head Coach Krigman.

With the Seniors leaving, Krigman is preparing the underclassmen to step up and become the new leaders of the team. “Our freshmen and sophomores are already stepping up as leaders on the team, especially through their on-field contributions and consistent game time. As the underclassmen transition into more prominent roles next year, their leadership and mentorship will be invaluable for integrating new team members and maintaining a positive team culture.” Although the team lost, they regrouped in a huddle and closed the game out with smiles on their faces and dirt on their cleats.

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