The Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble Serenades Their Audience with Their “Labyrinth of Love” Performance

On Friday, May 3rd, The Wind Ensemble at the Boston Conservatory, conducted by Vimbayi Kaziboni, performed alongside singer Emily Siar. Throughout this performance, the group presented the pieces “Cordatum” by Anahita Abbasi and “Labyrinth of Love” by Michael Daugherty. Throughout both pieces, Siar used a tone of grief in her voice and stares of distress as she sang about the constant battle she fights, asking herself whether she should follow her love or smother her feelings back into her conscience.

The ensemble helped portray this emotion through a unified sound of beautiful chords that at first confused the audience but then made it clear that it was the same message in the form of music. One of the main patterns that was heard was repetition.

In the climax of both pieces, the ensemble would either repeat the rhythm that was sung or the musicians themselves would repeat the actual words sung by Siar. The emotion was also portrayed through the way in which Kazibony directed the ensemble.

Kaziboni not only set the tone with his hands and conducting, but he also showed emotion through his facial expressions. Kaziboni maintained a stressed facial expression as he made eye contact with the ensemble and Siar as they performed. Throughout the performance the entire group seemed confident and professional, immediately impressing the crowd by their public presence. After the performance, the group stood and smiled as they embraced the standing ovation they received from the crowd. 

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