Malden High Sports State Games Outcomes

It is a known fact that every team’s goal in Malden is to achieve great things, win many games, and have an accomplished season. Besides, of course, qualifying for state tournaments. Malden’s sports teams this spring have made a lasting impression on their coaches and teammates, having six of our teams win the GBL championship and moving on to the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) State Tournament. Despite most teams losing after the first or second round, it still showed how each of the teams managed to work together to reach such a milestone in the first place.

The first game that a Malden sports team competed against for state tournaments was the Boys’ Lacrosse team, who faced Brookline High School at the B.U. Nickerson Field. Despite both teams performing well, Malden unfortunately lost 14-4. May 30th concluded the Malden Boys’ lacrosse season for this school year in the MIAA State Tournament with an accomplished season. As for the Girls’ Lacrosse team, they faced Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School on June 1st, and that day concluded their season, with an unfortunate loss of 22-7. Both teams worked incredibly hard to make it far, and their dedication will continue into the next season.

The Malden Girls’ Tennis team faced Revere High School on May 31st. Malden came out victorious in this match, winning against Revere with a score of 5-0. On the following day, the team went against Winchester High School, where the match took place at the Spy Pond Tennis Court. Unfortunately, they left the game with a 5-0 loss against Winchester. As for the Boys’ Tennis Team, on May 31st, they faced Durfee High School, resulting in a win with a score of 3-2. The following day, they competed against Newton North at their high school, which ended with a loss of 5-0. These four games concluded Malden High’s Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis seasons on a good note, having found success in not only the GBL but also making it past the preliminaries of the MIAA.

The third sport to compete in the MIAA was the Boys’ Volleyball team, which had a home game against King Phillips Regional on May 30th. Malden won the round, 3-1, which allowed them to move on to the tournament’s next round, competing against Winchester High School in their gym the following day. After a challenging game, the Boys’ Volleyball Season ended with a score of 3-0. The players did not lose hope, as they are determined to work harder to score even higher in the state tournaments next season.

Malden High School’s Baseball team faced their final opponent on June 1st. They faced Needham High School at the Needham Memorial Field. This preliminary game resulted in a loss of 8-4.

It is safe to say that the spring sports this year went above and beyond, appearing numerous times in the MIAA State Tournaments. The teams that participated displayed copious amounts of determination and hard work, which is what led them to compete in such a sought-after tournament.

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