National Honors Society Strives for New Goals

During this time of year, everyone is eager to leave for the summer. Seniors graduated and a new group of freshmen will come in the fall. But still, there are many things to discuss and question as the new school year arrives: what are the main goals, how will we create a good environment at the school, and what are some of the events or ideas for next year? Even with so many things to look over, the newly elected National Honors Society officers will help propose a plan so everything will go smoothly.

The National Honors Society (NHS) is a club and an organization where specifically selected students focus on drawing in youth that can help aid their community. They try to positively impact the school, community, and the people around them and they help bring the community by creating fun and unique projects like posters as it is expected for them to do so. 

To be part of the NHS, they focus on the four pillars of leadership, scholarship, service, and character. These are the qualities that the club looks for when picking its officers.

Elected president Shawn Chen, ran for this position due to his love for leadership and already being experienced in an organization, said that he will portray his role by showing his commitment by attending “every meeting while also actively communicating with the members as well as our advisor, Mr. Marques, about plans in the near or far future. I’m also striving to be a good personal and project mentor for those who will be in my group, and organize a smooth schedule for next year.”

As president, his main goal is to be able to contribute as much as he can to the NHS community and be able to thrive for any plans. Chen mentioned, “I’m hoping we can unite the community through service.”

Like Chen, Vice President-elect Isabelle Tan also decided to run for this position because of her love of taking a leadership role. Before having leadership experiences in clubs she said, “I thought that there would be no better way to do this than become a leader in a club that is all about leadership. I love the things that the NHS does to help people and I felt like becoming vice president was the next big thing to truly help others in my community, hands-on.”

“As vice president, I hope to be able to oversee the club and make sure we stay on track! I also want to be able to support my team and our decisions as I hope we can create a united front amongst each other!”

Tan’s goal for next year is to do as much as she can like what the 2023-2024 officers did, in which they led with confidence and organization. She wants to be a good helping

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