Sophomores Host “Summer Serenade” Dance in MHS Courtyard

Haset Tesfaw also contributed to this article.

As the end of school nears, students of the Class of 2026 joined forces to put on a final dance: the “Summer Serenade,” which is more commonly known as the “Sophomore Soiree.”

 The dance took place on Friday, June 7th in the courtyard. Consisting of many different activities for the students to enjoy, some of those displayed was an enlarged Cconnect Ffour game, a karaoke machine, face painting, ping pong tables, and a Nintendo Switch. Many students were very engaged as they enjoyed their time with their peers.

Students enjoying rounds of ping pong in the gallery. JENAYAH MORENO

In addition, a photo booth and food truck serving summer snacks like nachos, ice pops, and lemonade were both set up.

The MHS food truck makes an appearance at the Summer Serenade. JENAYAH MORENO

Rashmi KC, the Vice President for the Class of 2026, explained how the council used their creative force to make the dance their own: “It was indicated that only sophomores were able to go, but that’s not the case; the dance is for the inclusivity of everybody, so we decided to change the name to include everyone,” KC says. The spin on the name was also a way for the council to make the event their own and have it stand out. 

As the night went on, weather issues arose as it started to pour for a portion of the dance. This did not stop the fun as council members continued their karaoke in the rain, encouraging attendees to join them for a good time. “We made the best of it and still brought the energy and the people followed it too,” KC mentioned. As the rain cleared, the party continued and the energy stayed positive. 

For many, their favorite part of the night was the karaoke machine, which brought everyone together to watch each other sing. “I think just watching everyone be a bit silly after a long week really highlighted the night,” said sophomore Ndiaye Oliver.  

The night ended well with the two raffle winners, sophomore Destiny Leon and junior Darian O’Brien, winning two Boda Borg tickets and a $50 Shake Shack gift card. Everyone applauded as they received their gifts. 

For the future, the Class of 2026 is striving to bring more great events. “We do hope to have better organization and get the word out sooner, but we are mostly proud to see everyone have fun and enjoy their night,” KC concluded. 

From left to right: students enjoying lemonade and ice pops at the food truck stand. JENAYAH MORENO; sophomore Leica Naceus and others enjoying the large Connect Four stand. JENAYAH MORENO

Malden High can look forward to more from the Class of 2026 in the following year. Announcements for future events can be seen on Instagram @maldenco26. 

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