Hadjar Yousfi : Editor-in-Chief

Hadjar Yousfi


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Daniel O’Toole : Editor-in-Chief

Daniel O’Toole


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Nathan Dean : Editor-in-Chief of Print

Nathan Dean

Editor-in-Chief of Print

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Ryan Coggswell : Editor-in-Chief of Web & Mobile

Ryan Coggswell

Editor-in-Chief of Web & Mobile

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Ryan Coggswell is a senior at Malden High School. He is working as the Editor-in-Chief of Web and Mobile for The Blue and Gold. He has lived in Malden for his entire life. At the high school, he is the captain of the varsity golf and baseball teams. Coggswell is a member of The Blue and Gold sports podcast. In his spare time, Ryan likes to follow professional and collegiate athletics. He joined the Blue and Gold because he has a strong interest in sports journalism.

Jessica Li : Managing Editor of Print

Jessica Li

Managing Editor of Print

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Jessica Li is a junior at Malden High School and Managing Editor of Print of The Blue and Gold.  Jessica was born in Massachusetts and still resides there . Her hobbies include photography, tennis, nature walks, and listening to music. Jessica’s many accomplishments include being vice president of the Asian Culture Club and Malden Youth Civics Council as well as being part of her class student council. Additionally, one accomplishment that Jessica is most proud of is winning Poetry Out Loud two years in a row. Her goals for high school are to make good memories and connections and discover what she would like to do later in life. 

Mack Keating : Head Copy Editor

Mack Keating

Head Copy Editor

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Mack Keating is returning for their third year in Journalism, now taking on the role of Head of Copy Editing. Keating has always had an interest in the humanities, and is working towards implementing that in their upcoming career as a lawyer. To do this, Keating is challenging themself with high-level classes and a job outside of work at a rock climbing gym; they have worked at this gym for approximately two years and have been climbing for twice that amount of time. For this year, Keating's goal is to write something that leave an impact on someone, and reaches a wider audience.

Lily Nguyen : Head of Local

Lily Nguyen

Head of Local

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Lily is Head of Local and a returning member of The Blue and Gold. She rejoined the class to continue improving her writing skills, as well as work more in print design and photography. Extremely involved outside school, Lily is part of the Girls Tennis team, Malden Student Ambassadors, National Honors Society, Y-Leaders, and Fine Arts Club, all of which reflect her passions and hobbies. When she isn’t occupied by her academics or extracurriculars, Lily enjoys playing tennis, watching TV shows, hanging out with friends, and traveling—she hopes one day to travel to France. A junior, she strives to continue getting good grades and hopefully discover new passions and a future career she would like to pursue. Currently, she is interested in attending Northeastern and entering the medical field, however Lily believes she is better at the humanities.

Bo Stead : Head of Sports

Bo Stead

Head of Sports

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Bo is a returning junior member of the Blue and Gold. Stead was born in Boston and has lived in Malden all his life. He is a 2 sport athlete at Malden High. He is the varsity baseball catcher and he also plays golf. In his free time he enjoys playing video games, watching sports, and eating. His favorite sport to watch is basketball and one of his favorite players of all time is Larry Bird. However, his favorite sport to play is Baseball. Stead's dream college is Boston College where his mom also attended.