• About Roberto De Oliveira

    As another year slips on by, another year of new recruits for the Blue and Gold’s dedicated team is added to the roster. One such recruit, senior Roberto De Oliveira, is excited to bring what he can to the Blue and Gold team and thus make his senior year at Malden High School that much more meaningful. According to De Oliveira, his experience at MHS so far has been “great” and has shown him “a lot of opportunities.” One of De Oliveira’s favorite activities within the school was his participation in the Interact Club. “[He loves] helping out,” and running in races. This is, however, more of a recreational activity for De Oliveira, as he likes running “for [himself]” as opposed to competitive running. Joining the team at the Blue and Gold was something he wanted to do since freshman year, but he did not always have the time to pursue. As for the future, De Oliveira is not sure at all where it will take him, as he wants to venture out into the world and experience things first, as De Oliveira “[likes] not being able to envision what [he is] going to be doing in 10 years.”

    “A Day In The Life”: Ms. Brown

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    “The younger you learn about your history, the more beneficial it is” according to sophomore Nicole Fitzgerald, a student in Dana Marie Brown’s Advanced Placement United States History course. In taking such a course, students, as well as Ms. Brown, describe the difficulty and hard work required, but also the benefits of challenging oneself...

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    New Teacher Profile: Amy Cianci

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    BY ROBERTO DE OLIVEIRA & FELICIA FALLANO Former student teacher Amy Cianci is continuing her teaching experience here at Malden High School. Cianci returned this year to teach chemistry courses, which include two honors classes and three college-preparation classes. Her interest in science developed at a young age, developed through her grandfather, an engineer, who...

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    Mr. Cole and Mixed Chorus

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    Dozens of students from all grades, who share a passion for music and singing join the Mixed Chorus class, an introductory course taught by the talented and inspiring Malden High teacher, Todd Cole. Mixed Chorus is geared towards teaching students with all ranges of all singing experience how to sing properly, how to practice...

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    3-D Printer Brought To MHS

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    By ROBERTO DE OLIVEIRA & KATIE MAI     Through Holland House, down the stairs  to the basement, in the old woodshop room, a space will be found where all forms of creativity and free-flowing ideas are encouraged and welcomed. “It is a huge playground for us to make cool things,” Daniel Wise, a...

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