Art teacher Maryann Seager's AP Art students. Photo by Sumya Mohiuddin


As memories from her past surfaced through the eyes of the younger preschoolers in Malden High School, the dedicated art teacher Maryann Seager was happy to welcome them to her room for a small artist reception. On Nov. 26, 2012, she formally invited the preschoolers from downstairs for some snacks with all her seniors in the Advanced Placement art class for the first time. Her intentions of hosting a reception started when the kids visited her, each with a piece of their own artwork. After she kindly hung them up right outside her room, she saw the need to celebrate. Seager saw much potential in these children, and she wanted them to know that “there cannot be a beautiful world without art.” One of her favorite memories as a child was when she was nine years old, and she received a 64-pack of crayons. She saw the same excitement through these children, and she describes the feeling as “feeding the future.” She was glad that she got to know the students on a more personal level. Although the children were shy, their excitement was evident. Future events are planning to unfold on a yearly basis.  

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