By JONATHAN DECICCO Running track since she was a sophomore at Malden High School (MHS), senior Kristina Thorne has definitely shown her dedication to indoor track through her amazing accomplishments in the sport.  Kristina has proved to be an essential part of the team through countless successes in GBL meets and other invitationals. A part of the sprinting team at MHS,  Kristina runs the 50 meter hurdles and the 400 meter hurdles.  Preferring the 400 meter hurdles, Kristina has a personal best time of 73 seconds and 8.3 seconds in the 50 hurdles.  With hopes of continuing her running career in college she still remains unsure on what to do.   Nonetheless Kristina tells us that, “running has taught [her] to be a dedicated hard work[ing] person, because it is not easy.” Thorne not only stands out on the track but in the classroom as well.  Balancing a sport with that of academic responsibilities is extremely difficult, especially as the work gradually gets harder, but Kristina has been able to master it.  Recently Thorne has applied to University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, UMass Amherst, UMass Lowell, Fitchburg State, University of South Florida, University of Howard and New York University.  She has also been accepted to Penn State University.  Still waiting to hear from many of the colleges, Thorne hopes to major in nursing and eventually become a midwife. Kristina also enjoys other hobbies outside of school and track.  One of her favorite thing to do is dance, and she is a member of the step team at MHS.  One of Kristina’s biggest piece of advice for any newcomers looking to join track is to, “drink water, eat healthy and most importantly sleep!”

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