Ever  since sophomore year senior Andrew Phu has been on the Malden High School gymnastics team. Phu “[has] always been fascinated by the idea of controlling and manipulating [his] movements.” Gymnastics “[amazes]” Phu. Phu enjoys vault and bars when competing. “I would love to have done floor [routines] but that didn’t quite happen” explains Phu. In addition to gymnastics, Phu has always had a strong interest for dancing. He break dances “here and there but mostly just [does] freestyle”.

Phu is “a little undecided on which way to go with [his] life”. After graduation Phu plans to go to Bunker Hill Community College for two years to “get [his basic] courses done” and then transfer to a different school. While attending BHCC Phu hopes to “figure out what [he] wants to study.” Phu “hopes to do something that would allow [him] to help people that truly need it.” Phu hopes to continue practicing gymnastics in college if he is given the chance, “but “dancing will probably be with me for a while,” he stated.

In addition to being a member of the gymnastic team, Phu is also a member of Key Club, the Red Cross Club, and Captains Council. Phu has also been a member of the Project Bboy dance crew since sophomore year.

Phu loves math and science. He “has an interest in learning how everything works around us.” “My most memorable moments [are] probably just hanging out in the back of cafe A, dancing and hanging out with my friends,” Phu stated.  Outside of school, Phu enjoys “music hunting” and being with friends and “helping out others when [he] can.”

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