Abdelhak Belatreche is an outstanding student with many hopes and dreams. His two main sports throughout his high school career were soccer and track, and he has done exceptionally well in both. Abdelhak began playing soccer during the fall of his freshman year, and it seemed the only reason he did track was, “to get faster for soccer.” It was a different experience from soccer.

The first day of track Beltreche expresses that, “Coach Londino had them do 200 meter repeats at the Salemwood indoor track” during Abdelhak’s sophomore year. Once Abdelhak joined, he began to enjoy the sport because he started to make personal goals for himself.

Abdelhak felt accomplished once he reached them, “because everyone is nice and became another family to me” as the team supported  him.

The most memorable moment that Abdelhak has remembered not so fondly was during  indoor track he had went to an invitational at Reggie Lewis in Roxbury. He needed to use bathroom and wasn’t paying attention to which bathroom he was suppose to go in. Without looking at the sign, Beltreche went into the women’s bathroom. Too preoccupied with his own matters, he didn’t stop and wonder what a girl was doing in the boy’s bathroom. As soon as he was about to leave the bathroom, he saw more girls coming in. Then, there was a group that also consisted of my teammate and “[he] became extremely embarrassed.”

Abdelhak is both  academically and athletically proficient, as a Posse scholar he will be attending Bucknell University majoring in the field of engineering, and hoping to be a “doctor in the long run.” Abdelhak talks fondly of the people of MHS and that is why he will miss them and the environment the most. He is mostly, “nervous about growing up and becoming an adult” and also moving on with his life. “[He is] ready for the challenges before [him] and the brand new experiences. [He will] remember Malden though,  as it will always be [his] home; [his] roots.” His  hopes and dreams in the future is to become a positive impact in the world, and be the best person that he can be. “[Abdelhak wants] to be successful to provide for [his] family and others. [He also dreams] about one day being part of a positive change in the world.”

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