Kate Haskell, a former student teacher at Malden High School, is expanding her teaching experience at MHS this year. Haskell, who was a student teacher at MHS one year prior to teaching in Chelsea, is returning to the school after one year of teaching at Chelsea High School. After having experiences in both high schools, Haskell said that they are both very similar. The biggest difference Haskell notices in the two schools is the schedule. While MHS has a different schedule every day and runs on a seven-day rotation, “the schedule at Chelsea is very set,” stated Haskell.

Along with the seven-day schedule, Haskell likes the diversity of MHS. Growing up in a farm town, Dighton, MA, with a younger brother and sister, Haskell graduated from Rehoboth High School, which is “very, very different from Malden High School.” Haskell graduated in a class of 192 kids that lacked diversity.

When asked her favorite subject in high school, Haskell responded with “chemistry! That is why [she] majored in it.” Haskell also displayed an interest in band and has attended a few performances by MHS band. Haskell simply described them as “amazing.”

After graduating high school, Haskell left her hometown to chase her dreams. For undergraduate school, she attended Sacred Heart University for her chemistry degree. The now College Prep Chemistry teacher practiced law for four years and attended Boston University. After law school, Haskell went on to receive her master’s degree in teaching at Northeastern University. Haskell claimed that being a lawyer was “very unfulfilling.”

With an abundance of education under her belt, Haskell also wants to “make a positive impact on every student [she] encounters,” which she sees as a “very lofty goal.” A student of Haskell, sophomore Stephan Fequiere, claimed that “[Haskell] has a sense of humor, which makes chemistry less dreadful.” Haskell’s return to MHS is exciting for her and many more members of the school. Her journey at MHS has just begun.

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