Megan Huth is the new adjustment counselor for Holland house. To clear up any confusion, an adjustment counselor is someone who works with different people in different situations to try and adjust them to the right track. Huth is a new addition to the school, among many others. A little fun fact about Huth is that she is part Irish, German, Swedish, and Native American. Also, she lives with two roommates, who are her friends.

Since Huth has met so many other personality types, she had a bit of trouble answering the question, “How would you describe your personality?” After thinking for a couple moments, Huth replied “Approachable…friendly…and [she is] very quick to laugh at [herself].” Huth finds herself motivated by free time and thinking about the responsibilities she knows she has.

Huth went to the University of Rochester in New York for her undergraduate school, and went to Washington University in St. Louis for her graduate school (Go Bears!). Huth, when in college, found herself planning to work in business, where “[she] had a very different vision of what [she] was going to be doing.” She soon found out that a desk job was not going to be for her, because she enjoyed working with people a lot more, especially teenagers, who she claims to be “fun and different” and have more potential to work with.

“In the Holland House we are very fortunate to have [Huth] as our Adjustment Counselor. She comes to us with a wealth of experience and lots of enthusiasm.” quoted Marilyn Slattery, the Holland house principal. They meet every Wednesday to inform each other on the students and some unique problems within the house. “[Huth] knows many of our students already and is looking forward to meeting many more!” quoted by Slattery about Huth.

Huth adjusted her social skills to use for her counseling career. She likes the idea of adjustment counseling because she moved around a lot when she was younger, and has the capability to move on from things. Huth feels that she can really help adolescents adjust to new situations, because she had to adjust to so much as a child. When speaking on the subject of adolescents, Huth claims the students of Malden High School to be a “very dynamic bunch.” She sees many different faces, and so many different backgrounds.

Since Huth is as new to the school as the freshmen are, she has asked for directions. She said that the MHS students have been the most helpful in that area, and she is not afraid to ask them where to go. Huth hopes to still be working at MHS in five years, and encourages the students of Holland to stop by and talk. Huth wants to become familiar with more faces and names, and get to know everyone a little better. Huth enjoys her first full-time job as a counselor, and has only been in internships before. Overall, Huth is a brand-new, fresh-out-of-internship counselor that is ready to help.

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