Going from an intern to a guidance counselor, Taryn Belowsky is a great addition to the department. Belowsky is 24 years old and [has not] been very long since she graduated college. She is very active because of her love of “basketball and [her] weekend activities of hiking.” Belowsky has come to Malden High School because of her admiration for the school’s environment and its students.  Belowsky has had a great time at MHS working with the students and staff.

An education that led her to Malden started as an undergrad at New England Western University and then continued on to Suffolk University. Belowsky started shadowing at MHS and loved the diversity and that fact one could hear “different languages and see different cultures.” MHS is full of different people from across the world working together for a common goal.

Summer is not fun without some education, especially for Belowsky who spent her summer working at the New England Aquarium as a teen program assistant.  Belowsky was first known to MHS through her “internship at Boyle house with Erin Craven”, she was introduced to the Jenkins house office when Ann O’Connor went on maternity leave and Belowsky took over her office for the time period as well as admissions for the Bunker Hill classes at MHS. Every guidance counselor has their own story, and Belowsky's story started from fourth grade when she “was in a similar program to the meko program” and she had a great guidance counselor who helped her alot and she aspired to be one from that time on. The meko program is where students in an inner city go to school in the suburbs. Belowsky also enjoys talking to people and is very good at it. Belowsky is “excited to be at MHS, and see new faces” throughout the year. Belowsky’ personality and her amazing sense of helping others is a great addition to the MHS staff.

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