Kathy DeVito is back at Malden High School, where she has been teaching for eight years, after being on medical leave since January. She teaches four Physical Education classes and one Health class. DeVito attended Keene State College and majored in Physical Education and Health. She chose to teach health because she admires the subject. She believes “...[it is] important to take care of yourself.”

Apart from teaching about how one’s body works, DeVito loves anything that is athletic. From skiing to weaving, DeVito is never bored. She also enjoys gardening and has a passion for cooking. Since DeVito is part Belgian, you can always find her cooking traditional Belgian food.

Other interests include watching television and reading books. She will read anything that she can find, but also enjoys romances and biographies. When it comes to television shows, DeVito is a fan of some sitcoms such as The Big Bang Theory, as well as criminal shows like NCIS.

When asked about her inspiration, DeVito did not hesitate to say her father. She states that “[she] was a hard kid and [her] dad was really good with [her].”  She appreciated how he took care of her, and although he is no longer with her, DeVito still remembers him as a gentleman and misses him immensely.

DeVito sees herself as outgoing and friendly. She cares about people a lot, “[that is] probably why [she is] a teacher.”

Including teaching for 8 years in the Malden Public Schools system, DeVito also taught in the 1970’s for six years, for a total of over fourteen years being a teacher. Besides all those years of helping kids and teaching health, DeVito was a part of the Malden Hospital when it first opened. There she had several jobs, one of them being a nurse.

Nothing has really changed since DeVito came back. She feels as if she never left, and says that, “The kids are the same” with a big smile on her face. She will sure be missed, since DeVito will be retiring at the end of the school year. Then she will have more free time to enjoy herself and maybe cook or bake for her husband, who is also retired.

Although DeVito is not currently directing any clubs or coaching any sports, she does find herself going to the sporting events. She enjoys cheering for Malden whenever she is able to and thinks of herself as a “golden tornado follower.”

After over a decade of teaching, DeVito says goodbye to Malden High School at the end of the school year. DeVito will surely be missed by students and staff throughout MHS.

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