Leaf It To You: Fall Crafts


As the cooler weather sweeps in and summer becomes a distant memory, it is time to start decorating for fall. But who wants to put up the same old decorations?

Rather than buying a traditional orange pumpkin, go for the modern white pumpkin, accenting any room or door stop just right. Carving is a sure way to spruce up the pumpkin and give it some edge. Carving with a knife can be messy and dangerous so as an alternative, use cookie cutters which are precise every time, convenient and much easier to use. Also, instead of placing regular tea light candles inside the jack o’lantern, opt for colored candles for an extra little something to further enhance the pumpkin’s edge.

Prefer an easier way to decorate a pumpkin? Simply use beads, paint, or stencils to add embellishments. If beading, do not be afraid to create new designs with them such as curving chains. With paint there are numerous options to choose from, ranging from drawing on your first initial to painting a face to illustrating a scene. When using stencils, either draw right on the pumpkin with them, though the grooves may make it a challenge. If so, trace the stencils on a sheet of paper, cut them out and glue on the pieces. Another festive decorating idea, to easily do yourself, is a leaf adorned candle holder. Start off by finding either a mason jar or any other transparent jar laying around. Next, glue on leaves, preferably store bought so that they last longer and are less flammable than real ones, to the inside of the jar in any pattern of your choice. Place in a tealight candle. Once lit, the ruby reds, fiery oranges and sunshine yellows from the leaves dance around the room. Edible decorating ideas include constructing candy corn sculptures. Go freestyle or glue the candies to an object such as a wreath. An even simpler way to incorporate candy for decorations is to place the candy corn or any other candies of your choice in a vase and display it on a table. Be festive, use bright colors, incorporate candy and embrace fall!

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