Summer Search 2013: Courtney Moore


This past summer, senior Courtney Moore attended her second Summer Search trip. Moore went to the African Leadership Academy in South Africa as a part of the Global Scholars Program (GSP). She took classes in entrepreneurial leadership and African Studies, and did community service at a daycare center in an area called Zandspruit.

Last summer Moore traveled with the Outward Bound (OB) Philadelphia Center.  Moore went “backpacking through the Appalachian Trail on the New Jersey and Pennsylvania sections and canoeing on the Delaware River Gap.”  In addition, she went rock climbing and did group challenges. Her favorite memory from the OB trip was when  “[her group] reached their second to last destination.”  Her  group members and her “made the most of  out of  [the rainy weather]  by playing man hunt.” “That was the night that we bonded the most,” Moore explained.

After attending both trips, Moore “did not think that [GSP] would be as impactful [to her as her] Outward Bound experience.”  Her  GSP was  “absolutely  phenomenal and I learned so much about myself there,” Moore explained.  However, “Outward Bound really forces a person to adapt to situations outside of their comfort zones,” which is why Moore felt as if her OB trip left more of an  impact on her. Both trips were vastly different. Going into her Outward Bound trip, Moore  “was more prepared, [compared to her GSP], in some ways because [she] is someone that likes outdoor activities like camping and hiking.” In comparison, “when I left for South Africa, it was the first time that I had ever left the country so there was a greater sense of adventure and excitement,” Moore stated.

To future Summer Searchers, Moore recommends  to “keep an open mind about every single experience that they come across.” They must keep in mind that they might not be able to experience the opportunities that are given to them on their trips again.

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