Achieving great looking nails can be a struggle for many out there, especially for the people who do not often wear nail polish other than for special occasions. However, with Wet 'n Wild's creation of Magnetic Nail Color, creating impressive effects on nails have become easier for everyone. But how true is this really?

When buying the set of nail polish (available at Walgreens for $5.99), there will be 4 spaces in the pack, but only 3 different colors. They claim that there is a "bonus magnet on cap" on the caps of each bottle of nail polish. However, the magnets on the cap are only the ones given by the company to use. There are three different colors; one is a dark green, another an almost black color, and the other a light copper shade.

When applying the polish and making the magnetic effect happen, it can get a bit difficult not get messy. To create the magnetic effect, the magnet, located on the top of the cap being used to paint the nail, must be placed over the nail, just enough so that it does not touch, but enough to make the effect noticeable. Doing this step can be quite difficult; it is hard to keep the nail and the magnet from touching, especially since there is no curve or anything to prevent from such from happening. Another difficulty is knowing how the design goes. The magnet itself is completely bare of any marks or indentations, making it difficult to know how to properly hold it. In order to achieve the effect they normally display on television, the lines, the magnet must be held so that it is horizontal, not vertical like the nail.

Despite the minor setbacks of using the Magnetic Nail Color, after a few uses it becomes more simple to use, and can help create impressive designs for special occasions. As tested, the green usually allows the designs to be seen the most clearly, followed by the copper, and the black is the most difficult to see.  

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