Frost Ice Bar Review: A Chilling Experience


The Frost Ice Bar is definitely the coolest attraction around. It is Boston’s first ice bar and it also happens the be the largest permanent ice bar in the world. That is right, it is permanent, so guests are able to visit during the already chilly winters or cool off in the steamy summers. The Frost Ice bar is kept at a freezing 21-degrees fahrenheit year-round and is made with 100,000 pounds of ice and is truly a spectacular sight to see.

Prices vary depending on the day you visit. During off-peak admission hours, adult tickets are $12, student tickets are $10, and tickets for children are $6. Peak admission hours are Sunday to Friday from 5pm to close and all day Saturday. For peak admission tickets, adults are $18.99, students are $16.99, and children are $6. The Frost Ice Bar is family friendly up until 5pm, and after that, the bar is only open to people ages twenty one and over. Entry times are every 15 minutes and guests are only allowed to stay for a maximum of 45 minutes.

If you choose to purchase tickets online, it is recommended that you show up 15 minutes early. When entering the building, you can purchase tickets at the kiosk or sign in if you’ve already purchased your tickets. Then, guests are given a pair of gloves and an insulated parka that resembles a furry poncho. After everyone has been provided the gear to keep them warm, guests are lead into a transition room.

The transition room is 32-degrees fahrenheit and it somewhat looks like a large, walk-in freezer. You have to stand in the room while an employee explains the rules.  While listening to the rules, your body is able to ease the shock of entering the ice bar itself. After the rules are explained, guests are then allowed to slowly enter the ice bar.

Immediately when the guests enter the ice bar, they see a giant chandelier and a “Boston Strong” ice sculpture. A photographer asks to take a photo of the group that  they are able to purchase the photo afterwards. The Frost Ice Bar has an amazing atmosphere. Everything, except for the floor and ceiling, is built from ice. There are various objects such as baseballs, rubber ducks, and flowers encased in ice. On the walls, there are different pieces of art.

The main attraction of the Frost Ice Bar itself are the beautiful, handcrafted sculptures that feature different representations of Boston. Their biggest sculpture is a replica of the swan boats in the Boston Public Garden. Guests are able to pose for pictures and even sit inside the icy swan boat. The actual bar is a giant, intricately carved sculpture of the Zakim Bridge. Other sculptures representing Boston are of Paul Revere and also the Boston Red Sox logo.

At the bar, guests can order nonalcoholic drinks. Each drink is $6 and is served inside a cup that is, of course, made of ice. Throughout the ice bar, there are tables where guests can set their drinks, but beware because the ice cups tend to slip and slide. Although the seats are made out of ice as well, they have big faux fur lining on them so guests do not freeze their butts off.

The Frost Ice Bar is something that everyone should experience at least once. It is a fun attraction for both locals and tourists. Although the ice bar was great experience and a lot of fun, it definitely is not somewhere to hang out on a regular basis. Once the experience is over and photos are taken, guests are satisfied with their fill of the ice bar.

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