Malala Yousafzai has been an inspiration to the world since her fight to live after the Taliban shot her in the head and neck made international news one year ago. Her struggles have been life-changing to the people of the world.

In America, no one is refused an education, but yet so many take it for granted. Malala is essentially a young teenager who is fighting for her education. This brave girl began to speak out earlier in the year and was silenced for a while to recover from her fatal wounds. The Taliban tried to shut her down, but their actions only rose a movement, to help young girls like Malala receive the education they rightfully deserve.

She has fully recovered and is even louder than before, and this time there is no silencing this young girl, as well as the rest of the world. Malala has made a difference in the world, raising headlines in the papers with calls to action; who would believe someone so young and innocent could have such a big voice and impact? She certainly did not think that it would, but she fought anyway. “It seems that Malala’s courage has awoken Pakistan’s silent majority who are no longer prepared to tolerate the threats and intimidation of the Pakistani Taliban,” said former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, a U.N. special envoy for global education, in an article published by CNN in June 2013.

The country and people are coming to a realization that they are sick of this overpowering organization controlling their life, and it is plain that they are sick of it. This girl has been through so much, but continues to raise awareness for the cause that means so much to her; allowing children to have an education and contribute to society. Malala woke up from her coma and without any second thought her first public statement was her reason for fighting, “…to serve the people. [She] want[s] every girl, every child, to be educated.”

Malala goes to school in Birmingham, England and tries to raise money to educate others that are in the same situation as her.

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