Annual Craftsfair at Malden High School


Photo by Andrew Cogliano
Photo by Andrew Cogliano

The ability of the citizens of Malden to work with their hands truly shined on Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013 during the annual Crafts Fair, which took place in the Disano and Tornado cafeterias at Malden High School.

Local artisans from all over Malden, as well as members from the Fine Arts Club, sold a wide variety of goods, from paintings to woodwork to edibles. To contribute to the holiday spirit of the season, as well as to contribute to the profits from the fair, the Fine Arts Club also set up a booth to wrap the items which their customers purchased.

“[It is] really a great festival,” remarked Malden resident, and attendee Christine King, because she believes that “businesses and people can show what they can do.” King believes that locally made goods are a wonderful asset to Malden and contribute immensely to both the economy and the culture of the city. She also commented on the fact that the the timing for the fair was perfect because it was “just in time for the holidays!”

Many businesses from within and around Malden sold their products at the fair, which resulted in a great variety of goods, including, but not limited to baked goods, bracelets, cookie dough and stuffed animals.

The Crafts Fair has been occurring at MHS for the past 31 years, and is an important fundraiser for the city. The school collects money from all outside participants’ tables, which is then evenly distributed throughout the four classes. One hundred dollars profit, for example, will give each class $25. Tables can be rented out for $35 each, and each crafter must donate one item for the raffle basket, which is then given to the winner at the end of the fair. Students are also encouraged to give their own time and volunteer to help the crafters.

The fair is a great opportunity for both veteran and novice crafters of all ages to try to sell their wares. Both cafeterias were flooded with tables, where anyone could purchase made-to-order dresses, cashmere scarves, license plates, and books. Tables in the entryway had many Malden themed items, ranging from MHS lanyards to books on the city’s history.

MHS’s very own Fine Arts Club also participated in the fair, under the direction of Mary Ann Seager. They sold “…scarves and [MHS] lanyards,” stated Seager, in an effort to make up for missing the fair last year. The club admits that although they made some money, unfortunately, the funds collected did not exceed $150.

The Crafts Fair presents a wonderful opportunity for business owners to sell their products and holiday shoppers to buy presents. In anticipation of the next annual Crafts Fair, MHS anticipates the arrival of exciting new products and the crafters who sell them.

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