The  Colby Sawyer Scholarship is a way to help students take care of the tuition for Colby Sawyer. Every year, the scholarship “allows 20 progressive scholars receive a full tuition scholarship to attend Colby Sawyer” (according to the Colby Sawyer scholarship informational site). Many have applied but only those who have acquired academic acceptance and leadership qualities. Students are recommended to have a G.P.A of  3.0 to a 4.0 on a 4.0 scale. Colby Sawyer is a private college in New hampshire with an 83% acceptance rate, the tuition rate is a $24,900. The scholarship allows financially troubled students to be able to go to college and also afford it.

Emanuela Mercier was one of the lucky scholars who were able to obtain this amazing opportunity. According to guidance counselor Taryn Belowsky, one of the biggest reasons that Mercier had applied for the scholarship was because of the financial benefits. The Progressive Scholarship covers all of the tuition, so all students had to pay for were room and board. Belowsky says that Mercier “was a really, really sweet girl,” who was artistic, easygoing, and positive. She was always found smiling and laughing, and had a great attitude. Mercier had recently moved away to Lawrence after returning back from winter break.


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