Break Out the Blue and Gold


Malden High School students show their school pride by participating in Spirit Week. Photos by Amanda De Moraes and Julie Lam

The 126th Thanksgiving Day football game 16-0 victory against Medford was the highlight of another successful Spirit Week. Football fans all over the school prepared themselves for the annual Malden v. Medford Thanksgiving game by participating in a three-day week dedicated to showing Malden High School spirit. This year marked the 126th anniversary of the anticipated event.

The week began with pajama day, the only Monday of the year that students are glad the weekend ends and flock to school. Students of MHS entered school fully equipped with slippers, teddy-bears, and even pillows, dressed in their comfiest bedtime attire.

On Tuesday, the students celebrated Wacky Tacky day, where mismatched clothes were worn and ridiculous personas were adopted. Some students take advantage of the endless possibilities. For example, wearing their underwear over their pants. Statistically, most people enjoy participating on this day. Freshmen class advisor Heather Northrop stated that “along with many others, [she looks] forward to seeing what outfit Principal Dana Brown is sporting on the morning of Wacky Tacky Day.”

Students wondered if Brown would be able to outdo his wacky tacky day get-up from last year, when he dressed up as Nicki Minaj. The song “What Does the Fox Say” by Ylvis was playing repeatedly before the start of school, and anyone walking by the main office understood why. Brown, dressed as a fox, was dancing with a number of seniors. So in layman’s terms, he proved successful.

The final day of spirit week is the shortest school day of they year, but it is the day filled with the most spirit. The pep rally is a day of both competition and unification at MHS. For pajama day, wacky tacky day, and blue and gold day, each class receives points for the number of people who dress up and participate. Further points are won at the pep rally by the spirit team and the can drive collection contest.

Sophomore Maggie Rose O’Callaghan “[thinks it is] important for staff and students to participate because it brings the school closer together as a community.”

The traditional of the banners also emphasized the creativity of each class. All four classes word exceptional hard after school to make sure their banner is perfect. Class advisor for the juniors, Paula Valente expresses that “watching the kids work on the banner” is one of her favorite parts about spirit week.

Air horns, blue and yellow faces, and banners occupied the gym at this erratic time in the school. The band was on one side of the room, next to the choir, ready to begin. Not to mention the other 1,800 students in the stands.

Shouts, cheers, and laughter ricocheted off the walls of the gym. Four spirit teams, chosen by the National Honor Society, represented their respective class in a series of games and events. The national anthem was performed by the MHS chorus, which is led by choral arts teacher Todd Cole. The cheerleaders performed as well as the MHS Project BBoy dance team and step team, who had the honor to perform at another school’s pep rally.

Then, senior cheerleaders and football players proudly raced through the arch made by their teammates for all to see; they were high in energy and of course, tornado spirit. Both senior captains, Matt Delaney and Jensen Ayuk, were cheered for by the school as a whole. If one team wins, the whole school wins.

After many basketball shots, pull-ups, and under and over races, the victorious class was announced. The seniors dominated the school, with the sophomores second, the juniors third, and the freshmen ending in fourth place.

The outcome was not a surprise, seniors win every year but underclassmen do not seem to mind. Winning spirit week is an experience everyone has before leaving MHS. After three years of being the underdogs, the senior class deserves it.

Although the ending has come for another successful spirit week, MHS spirit continues to thrive always.

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